Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Yeah, it's been forever. I got a Tumblr today, so expect even less as I use that instead of writing long, incessant articles about my life on here that absolutely no one reads. :P

Life actually has been pretty awesome since I last checked in. I went for my DISNEY WORLD 2010 trip and even got into Cinderella's Royal Table (which is infamously impossible to get into) by a freak accident. It was cool to be a princess for a bit. I did an encore!rave with Stitch, wore my Spark dress for the Halloween party, and went on Tower Of Terror again...not to mention Space Mountain about 6 or 7 times. The beginning of Space Mountain totally reminds me of the Doctor Who opening (lol nerd). I have barely any photos of it now, but they should be up on FB sometime this millennium.

After that, the awesomeness kept steadily flowing as I went to the Nov. 5th screening of Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World at the Bloor Cinema! Yep, the one where Edgar Wright, Ellen Wong, and, most importantly, Bryan Lee O' Malley attended! The most important attendee was my best friend, Nick (and Finnish Cat), though. We waited in line in the cold being silly as hell for about 4 or 5 hours ("Ted owes me a waffle or two!"). The line was massive. When we got in the theatre, the movie was as awesome as ever (I keep on saying 'awesome', don't I?). The cherry on the sundae of win was the following - during the Q&A session, Bryan Lee O'Malley answered my question!! It was about the script changes regarding Envy and Roxy, if you're curious. He recognized me as the person who called my mom a cock when she got mad on Scott.ning (the less I say about that, the was, er, interesting). For this heinous crime, he will forever know me as "that cock girl". FFFFUUU--

Speaking of horrible and frustrating things - I'M FAT. Now, due to this, I am on Jenny Craig. We get tiny portions of food and it sucks and I'm dying and I'D BETTER EFFING LOSE SOME WEIGHT

Yay, I posted. If you're reading this, I love yoooouuuu

~ Pirka

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