Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Life Goes On...

Why haven't I updated my blog? Believe it or not, it has nothing to do with the fact that no one reads it - it actually has everything to do with the fact that nothing has freakin' happened lately that is worthy of more than a tweet (ah, Twitter...).

So, here's a list of random things that have happened since the last post (in no particular order):

- I got a really bad cold that lasted about a week.
- I'm watching Mitsudomoe, which is downright hilarious.
- I joined NaNoWriMo for next month.

- I started watching Glee on DVD with my mom. Still only halfway through season one. Favourite characters are Sue, Emma, Kurt, Sue and Sue. "HORROR!" I call her the Sue-dere cuz she is ooooonnneee~

- Got jealous of a younger classmate (Alpha is a mixed age school) because she got to go to Rocky Horror Picture Show and I didn't due to my mom disliking that part of town. I have since gotten over it for the most part, but it was a pretty big fight.

- I archive binged on Hark! A Vagrant! (which is really funny, in a really nerdy way) and finally watched some AMV Hell (the first four).
- I started a new Liveblog on TV Tropes. This time, I'm collaborating with the infinitely funnier FreezairForALimitedTime. It's a Let's Watch of Dingo Pictures' crapsterpiece known as Dalmatians 3! Note: it's not actually a sequel to anything.
- Recently, as in, today (the main reason I decided to post, in fact): my dad, while in Seoul, Korea, contracted appendicitis and had to get his appendix removed. While in Korea. Me and mom were freaking out, but, as of now, he's recovering from a successful operation and the possibilities of Dad's Evil Korean Appendix becoming a family in-joke are quite plentiful.
However, quite possibly (read: definately) the most important is that all the plans for Disney World 2010 have now been booked! I'm staying at the Polynesian Hotel this time because the Contemporary was full, but that's all okay. It's going to be amazing. *knock on wood that all actually works out*
I just gotta remember...

When pain comes along, just go with the flow
Don't turn your back on your problems, just give it a go
Your struggles in life will eventually serve you
As a drop of spice in your life!


~ UmJammer Lammy - Milkcan: Make It Sweet! - Keep Your Head Up