Saturday, August 7, 2010

A Summer Periodical

You probably haven't, since nobody reads this crap have been wondering "Where the hell is Pirka? She hasn't posted all summer! She should have plenty of time to post!"
The truth is simple: I'm a total cloudcuckoolander who always forgets she even has a blog.

Anyway, since it's been a long time, here's all the crudcrap I've been up to this summer, in a very rough and shaky order (aka 'the order I remember them'):

1) I went to New York and MET MIKE MOZART. Yep, the Toy Guru from Youtube! He was having a New York fan gathering that I didn't even know about until I got there.
Of course, I had to wait hours for him to arrive at the designated meeting spot due to NYC traffic, but it was totally worth it! We went through Toys R' Us, got a photo, and then he bought us all McDonalds (I'm seriously not making this up, Mike Mozart is a god among men). HURRRR.

2) I went to Second City camp! ...sort of. I went for a week and day out of a two week camp due to plumbing issues trapping my family in the house (the driveway was dug up to fix the pipe), but the time I went was actually pretty awesome. We played improv games, had a lot of in-jokes (Sir Laugh-A-Lot [HA-HA!], "MILES! MILES! MILES~!", and, perhaps most epic of all, "Sodomizing children" as an example of what not to make a sketch about).
The best day was the day we got to make up songs on the spot.
I wish I could have said goodbye to my troupe: Nathaniel, James, Miles, Ryan/Carl, Ryan #2, Jess and the girl with all the cool shirts whose name sadly slips my mind...OMG I'm SO SORRY :(...if you're reading this, I really enjoyed the time we had together. I hope we meet again someday.

3) I had a tragic event involving meeting someone that I admire very much...or rather, not being able to meet him due to terrible luck and timing issues...I'm not going to mention the person in question, because I forgive him and I don't want him to see this and feel like he did something wrong or mean, because what happened wasn't at all his fault. If anything, I don't care about the effect on me. What I care about most is that you, sir, deserve every bit of praise you're getting right now. I love you, and that will never stop. Someday, I know we'll meet and laugh about this. Just not any time soon...

Thanks for the determination, Scott... :')


I saw Despicable Me and it was AWESOME! This year has been a helluva year for animation: How To Train Your Dragon, Toy Story 3, and now Despicable Me, which might actually be (GASP) the best out of all of them. I feel pretty guilty for saying it, since that's going up against Chris Sanders and flippin' PIXAR, but Despicable Me just squeezes past the others by being hilarious and incredibly touching at the same time. Oh, and containing Gru. And the Minions. And Vector. Vector and me have a lot in common. It's actually kind of creepy:
- We're both nerdy and lonely
- We have the same favourite colors (orange and white)
- We both have brown hair and glasses
- We both play Wii
- We both love sweets and snacks
- We're both afraid of our fathers yeah....

5) I beat both Super Mario Galaxy games! Took me long enough, right? I actually beat Super Mario Galaxy 2 first. Wierd.
I can't say this enough times - if you own a Wii, YOU MUST OWN THESE GAMES. The music, the gameplay, the atmosphere...all of it is top-notch and of the highest quality. Nintendo outdoes itself with every Mario game, but these ones will always hold a special place in my heart due to the space theme (you know I love space) and the awesome gravity puzzles!
As for my favourite level in the sequel, that would definately be A Stroll Down Rolling Lane, the second star in Melty Monster Galaxy. It's a perfect example of how Mario (and Nintendo in general) works; it seems impossible at first, but each time you try again - the level of fun never going down, even as you try over and over - you get a little further. When you finally get that star, you feel like you've just won a marathon, but you didn't get controller-smashing frustrated because, though difficult, it was a fun process.

Here's the level in question. Rock Mario for the win!

Last, but not least...

Just...Jim. Allow me to explain: we went to the antiques show at Sherway Gardens, where I saw an eyeless antique teddy bear, possibly from the 1930s, for sale. I don't know why, but I couldn't stop thinking about that darn bear! He was covered in stains, his ears were ripped, and somebody had taken a pen to his stomach and written "Jim" roughly in his fur.
I bought him.

Now he's got new button eyes and a bow tie, but is still just creepy enough. Darn me and my love of creepy plushies!

So, what's next for me this summer? I'm gonna meet the author of Zorgamazoo! I'm gonna go to Fan Expo! I'm gonna go to Niagra Falls...maybe! Most likely, I'm gonna "waste" time doing all the things I love - living my life on the internet, playing Nintendo, and drawing. Lots and lots of drawing.

Peace out~!

~ Pirka