Friday, June 18, 2010

Kid Lit, Animation, Time Travel and Cute Stuff, Oh My!

...oh man. Where the heck do I begin?

1) Canadian Books That Don't Suck!? (I'm shocked, too)

Hamish X passing his torch to Prince Breandan

Sean Cullen, author of the perenially awesome Hamish X trilogy, has a new series out called Chronicles of the Misplaced Prince. I finally got around to reading the first book - suffice to say, it's AWESOME as well! Too much to say - buy it and enjoy the win!

How can that be topped, you ask? How about a novel written entirely in rhyme that features monsters, aliens, and mad doctors all in the same story?! Say hello to the lovely chaos that is Zorgamazoo! Though I like all the characters (which is saying a lot for me), the "Graylian" creature-capturer Dullbert Hohummer The Third has a special place in my heart for being so adorably kuudere-y that it makes me want to hug something as soon as I write his name!

"Good morning."

2) Toy Story SQUEEEE.

Lotso and Chatter Telephone

Toy Story 3 comes out today. I'm going to see it in an hour. It's a Pixar movie. Nuff' said.
I can't wait to see Woody, Buzz, Rex, Slinky, Hamm...all of those guys! The new characters are the biggest draw for me though - especially the two above!


BADASS 11th Doctor and Amy

That was supposed to be the Doctor Who theme song written phonetically. I fail.
Anyway, Doctor Who is awesome. I've wanted to watch it ever since I knew it existed. Right now I'm watching the 9th Doctor and the 11th at the same time! Twice the fun!

4) Wish Come True

The Rainbow King!

I went to the Wish Come True festival in Queen's Park today, where cute critters walked around and spread joy everywhere they went! I got a chance to meet the people behind it - they were really nice guys - and they even signed a book for me!

In conclusion, SQUEEEEEEEE!
I leave you with a photo that should be self explanatory if you've read my liveblog...


~ Pirka