Friday, April 23, 2010

TFIF - Going to Nonna's House

...which means, unfortunately, I won't be on here very much. The good news is that I'll have a laptop with a rocket stick equipped, so I'll be able to actually go online! :)

Stuff I'm Bringing To Nonna's House: An Inventory
(Because I have nothing else to really say here, lol)
One (1) Nintendo DSi, Pink with Orange slipcover
One (1) Nintendo DSi charger
One (1) Case of Nintendo DS game cards with Luigi on it can't find a photo
One (1) Pink Dell laptop, nicknamed 'Hope-chan' after Hope Cladwell from Urinetown
One (1) Rogers Rocket Stick, aka 'what will save my life on this trip'
One (1) Large, blue Sketchbook
One (1) Mechanical pencil
One (1) Orange 2nd Gen iPod Nano
One (1) Pair of sound-cancelling headphones
Two (2) Keroro Gunsou DVDs with the crappy English dub on
One (1) REPO! The Genetic Opera DVD
One (1) Lilo And Stitch: Two Disc Big Wave Edition DVD
One (1) Red, hot-headed genetic experiment
Three (3) Vials of life-saving Zydra -- I mean, Purell
One (1) Backpack to put it all in

In the immortal words of that random dude who looked like Yosemite Sam that I saw boarding an elevator once, "See y'all later!"

~ Pirka

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