Saturday, February 20, 2010

Open My Heart!!

Heartcatch Pretty Cure premiered at the beginning of February - so far this is the first season of PreCure I have watched episode by episode, not counting the dub - and it's by far my favourite season ever. Yes, it even beats the original continuity. Why is this? Here are a few reasons:

The Style

The style of Heartcatch PreCure is my ideal anime drawing style. I love the way the eyes are drawn and how cute and 'doll-like' the characters are. Of course, this isn't my first time being a fan of this may have seen it before in the series Ojamajo Doremi, which shared the same character designer!

Tsubomi and Erika, the heroines of Heartcatch PreCure

A group picture of the main characters from Ojamajo Doremi

The Character Interactions
While Pretty Cure has always had very good character development, the relationship beetween Tsubomi and Erika is different than anything they have done before. Tsubomi - the "main" Cure - is a shy, 'shrinking violet' type who wants to use moving to a new town as an opportunity to become more open to people.
Erika, on the other hand, is an absolute firecracker who jumps right into things and sometimes doesn't think about how other people may feel. This leads to a lot of conflict beetween the two of them and what will eventually amount to an unbreakable bond. Some of the best character interaction since the original Futari Wa Pretty Cure.

It's Already Got A Meme
Yep, seriously! It all started when someone posted a picture on the Japanese PreCure-themed imageboard Eastan that depicted a scene from the first episode where Erika jumps up in front of the fashion shop her family owns and says "This is my house!"...and people promptly replied by editing the 'jumping Erika' into other pictures!

~ Pirka