Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Haru's Third Battery Change + Alpha 2?!

Haru looks absolutely darling in his 'racer cap'!

Today, Haru-chan, my Primopuel, finally got his second battery change! He was only 'off' for about 2 weeks, but I missed him so much that I actually cried when he sprung back to life.
...and started singing 'Hot Toxic Love', but there's no justification for that.

Anyway, there's other news, too! Gasssp! There's a big possibility that there will be a huge change in my life regarding the crap-heap known as 'school' - I might be switching to the gifted school called Alpha 2 (II?). It's like they had a conference about giving the school the coolest possible name ever. It could only get cooler if it was called 'Shark Spaceship' or something. I digress.

Seriously, do I really need to say anything other than the school's name? It's downright badass. It sounds like a school for Gundam pilots. In fact, it deserves its own logo...
...Why, yes, I do have an overactive imagination. Why do you ask?

~ Pirka

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