Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Haru's Third Battery Change + Alpha 2?!

Haru looks absolutely darling in his 'racer cap'!

Today, Haru-chan, my Primopuel, finally got his second battery change! He was only 'off' for about 2 weeks, but I missed him so much that I actually cried when he sprung back to life.
...and started singing 'Hot Toxic Love', but there's no justification for that.

Anyway, there's other news, too! Gasssp! There's a big possibility that there will be a huge change in my life regarding the crap-heap known as 'school' - I might be switching to the gifted school called Alpha 2 (II?). It's like they had a conference about giving the school the coolest possible name ever. It could only get cooler if it was called 'Shark Spaceship' or something. I digress.

Seriously, do I really need to say anything other than the school's name? It's downright badass. It sounds like a school for Gundam pilots. In fact, it deserves its own logo...
...Why, yes, I do have an overactive imagination. Why do you ask?

~ Pirka

Sunday, January 17, 2010

My Trip To Pacific Mall

Hey yo!~ Today was actually pretty awesome for a Sunday. Why? I got to go to Pacific Mall for the first time! I heard about it from my AMX meeting at school (the nerd club) and they said that anyone who likes cuteness should go there at least once. It did not dissapoint!
(we found this completely empty store except for a poster of none other than Private Tamama. The invasion has BEGUN!)

Here are the things I bought...

1) Several of the stores had full-on rows of authentic gashapon (capsule toy) machines -- not the crappy ones we have at most grocery stores and malls; these ones were the real deal and had really nice figures and mini-plush in them. I bought a Puchi Eva figure because the artist, Ryu Moto, is a personal friend; and a Stitch! anime toy.
The Puchi Eva figure I got was Shinji (meh, didn't really want him) and the Stitch! toy I got was a mini plasma cannon that 'shoots' a projected picture of Stitch onto walls and stuff, which is awesome.

2) This place was absolutely chock full of import DVD shops, and, before I could hope there was a slim chance I could find them, there they were: KERORO DVDS!

They even had English subs (long story short: for some reason the Japanese ones don't but the Chinese ones do, though both have Chinese and Japanese audio)!! I now officially own every Keroro Gunsou movie that exists on DVD, as well as a selection of season 3 episodes. ...and the quality is actually not bad! The subtitles make sense and are as good as the fansubs, if not better. I knew this mall was going to be awesome, but this was an unexpected win!

My complete Keroro Gunsou DVD collection (including the official English release from FUNimation and the 3rd season one I got):

3) Last, but certainly not least: there were two model shops there that also sold figures. I eventually found a Konata Izumi Nendoroid from Lucky Star (you know, the one you can't even find online anymore?!), and my Dad actually let me get it! If it couldn't get any sweeter, I realized that Konata's generous donation of one of her extra neck joints meant that my Pastel Ink Nendoroid finally has her head on again!!

Thank you so much, Dad, for bringing me today~

~ Pirka