Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Yeah, it's been forever. I got a Tumblr today, so expect even less as I use that instead of writing long, incessant articles about my life on here that absolutely no one reads. :P

Life actually has been pretty awesome since I last checked in. I went for my DISNEY WORLD 2010 trip and even got into Cinderella's Royal Table (which is infamously impossible to get into) by a freak accident. It was cool to be a princess for a bit. I did an encore!rave with Stitch, wore my Spark dress for the Halloween party, and went on Tower Of Terror again...not to mention Space Mountain about 6 or 7 times. The beginning of Space Mountain totally reminds me of the Doctor Who opening (lol nerd). I have barely any photos of it now, but they should be up on FB sometime this millennium.

After that, the awesomeness kept steadily flowing as I went to the Nov. 5th screening of Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World at the Bloor Cinema! Yep, the one where Edgar Wright, Ellen Wong, and, most importantly, Bryan Lee O' Malley attended! The most important attendee was my best friend, Nick (and Finnish Cat), though. We waited in line in the cold being silly as hell for about 4 or 5 hours ("Ted owes me a waffle or two!"). The line was massive. When we got in the theatre, the movie was as awesome as ever (I keep on saying 'awesome', don't I?). The cherry on the sundae of win was the following - during the Q&A session, Bryan Lee O'Malley answered my question!! It was about the script changes regarding Envy and Roxy, if you're curious. He recognized me as the person who called my mom a cock when she got mad on Scott.ning (the less I say about that, the was, er, interesting). For this heinous crime, he will forever know me as "that cock girl". FFFFUUU--

Speaking of horrible and frustrating things - I'M FAT. Now, due to this, I am on Jenny Craig. We get tiny portions of food and it sucks and I'm dying and I'D BETTER EFFING LOSE SOME WEIGHT

Yay, I posted. If you're reading this, I love yoooouuuu

~ Pirka

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Life Goes On...

Why haven't I updated my blog? Believe it or not, it has nothing to do with the fact that no one reads it - it actually has everything to do with the fact that nothing has freakin' happened lately that is worthy of more than a tweet (ah, Twitter...).

So, here's a list of random things that have happened since the last post (in no particular order):

- I got a really bad cold that lasted about a week.
- I'm watching Mitsudomoe, which is downright hilarious.
- I joined NaNoWriMo for next month.

- I started watching Glee on DVD with my mom. Still only halfway through season one. Favourite characters are Sue, Emma, Kurt, Sue and Sue. "HORROR!" I call her the Sue-dere cuz she is ooooonnneee~

- Got jealous of a younger classmate (Alpha is a mixed age school) because she got to go to Rocky Horror Picture Show and I didn't due to my mom disliking that part of town. I have since gotten over it for the most part, but it was a pretty big fight.

- I archive binged on Hark! A Vagrant! (which is really funny, in a really nerdy way) and finally watched some AMV Hell (the first four).
- I started a new Liveblog on TV Tropes. This time, I'm collaborating with the infinitely funnier FreezairForALimitedTime. It's a Let's Watch of Dingo Pictures' crapsterpiece known as Dalmatians 3! Note: it's not actually a sequel to anything.
- Recently, as in, today (the main reason I decided to post, in fact): my dad, while in Seoul, Korea, contracted appendicitis and had to get his appendix removed. While in Korea. Me and mom were freaking out, but, as of now, he's recovering from a successful operation and the possibilities of Dad's Evil Korean Appendix becoming a family in-joke are quite plentiful.
However, quite possibly (read: definately) the most important is that all the plans for Disney World 2010 have now been booked! I'm staying at the Polynesian Hotel this time because the Contemporary was full, but that's all okay. It's going to be amazing. *knock on wood that all actually works out*
I just gotta remember...

When pain comes along, just go with the flow
Don't turn your back on your problems, just give it a go
Your struggles in life will eventually serve you
As a drop of spice in your life!


~ UmJammer Lammy - Milkcan: Make It Sweet! - Keep Your Head Up

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Project DarwiN+Level OR: How I Stopped Worrying And Learned That Game Developers Are Effing Awesome

A little while ago, I had an idea. A completely insane idea.

Since I love virtual pets, interactive toys, and stuffed animals as well as video games and I absolutely adore the concept of Augmented Reality (digital objects interacting with a real environment, or visa-versa - for a good example, see Sony's Eye-Pet), I wanted to see how far I could go in making up a way to integrate them all with each other.

This is my brain on imagination. (Click it to see the full thing in insanityvision!)

The slightly ridiculous concept was christened Project DarwiN+Level (precocious random capitalization included, and referred to for the rest of this post as pDL) and I created a lot of hypothetical content for it, i.e. packages and an instruction manual, as if it had any chance of being a "real" thing rather than a crazy idea. I even went through a bit of a breakdown when I thought to myself "Is this even technologically possible!?". I didn't care about money or fame or having my name on the box. All I cared about was that I REALLY WANTED TO PLAY THIS FICTIONAL GAME. It's the creative geek's ultimate lament - coming up with something that would be absolutely epic...if it were at all possible outside of said deranged mind. I put the idea away and continued developing it purely as fiction, including sequels and a storyline (similar to all the fake "cartoons" I come up with to populate my fictional TV channel...yes, there is probably something wrong with me).

I closed the idea out of my mind that anything even similar to this would exist until I was my parents' age. Outside from the above Eye-Pet, promotional stunts and Avatar action figures, nobody had really embraced augmented reality in the mainstream yet, and the idea of a plush interacting with a video game? Hysterical!

Then, the world surprised me.

At E3 2010, Babysitting Mama was showcased. I haven't really paid attention to the Mama series (although I must admit I love the style of the characters in the game). Then, I realized that this game contains something I could have sworn was the whole damn point of my crazy idea: a plush gaming peripheral!

Prepare to die of cuteness.

That's right, Babysitting Mama comes with an actual plush baby that, when combined with the wii remote, becomes integrated with the game. That is, the doll is the 'body' and the game is the 'brain' - exactly how I imagined pDL, but using the wiimote as the circuitry. There's no need to add a gyroscope or a battery pack - the remote is all you need. The remote speaker even functions as the baby's voice, allowing it to call for attention. That, my friends, is effing genius. I only wish I could have thought of that! Even better - this baby's gonna be born this November. I'll actually own it within this year.

If that wasn't enough, I then heard about something that had actually first surfaced on the 'net November 2009 (what?! I missed something on the internet!?). Prepare to meet yet another example of "Holy crap, I think I saw something like this in my dreams once": WiiWaa. Yet another plush interface using the wiimote as its 'internal organs' and the Wii system as its 'brain', WiiWaa is essentially the ultimate example of something I wish existed and never expected to actually exist.


Moving the titular creature controls its movement onscreen - you can shake off enemies, jump, turn upside down, creep around like Solid Snake, and even swing from bungee-ears. BUNGEE-EARS! There's no word on a release date yet, but even rumors of it being a PAL region exclusive aren't going to stop me from getting this - even if I need to literally buy a new Wii just to play it. Insanity!

Here are a few other examples of plush being used as wireless interfaces. Unfortunately, none of these are for purchase...but all are being developed at this very moment, so something similar on the market someday is highly likely (who wouldn't want to battle plush ninjas with wi-fi signals?).

As for augmented reality? Well, it seems to be getting easier and easier to find as the days go by. The inclusion of cameras in several gaming devices means that there is now proper hardware to support the technology for gaming. Developers, make it so.
The future of Project DarwiN+Level is uncertain. I'll probably still keep making crap up for it, just for fun. As for the future of games like it? I might very well be playing one as soon as Christmas.

Not bad for a ridiculous idea.

~ Pirka

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Fan Expo, The Ex, and Summer's End

Since I thought a video would do more justice to the awesomeness I bought at Fan Expo, I made one. Here's me rambling about nerdy crap for nearly 20 minutes!

I honestly can't say enough about how amazing Fan Expo was this year (with the exception of the crowd control problems on Saturday that forced me, among many other conventiongoers, to wait over two hours to get in). To see even more stuff from it, check out my album on Facebook here. It has a Dalek!

As you may have guessed, I am currently typing this from school. Yep, summer's over and I've gotta make the most of the school year now.

Why, Desu~!?
I've got the Dufferin Mall nearby, but, as Scott Pilgrim stated quite truthfully, it's not a very interesting mall. At least it's got a Toys R' Us!

~ Pirka

Saturday, August 7, 2010

A Summer Periodical

You probably haven't, since nobody reads this crap have been wondering "Where the hell is Pirka? She hasn't posted all summer! She should have plenty of time to post!"
The truth is simple: I'm a total cloudcuckoolander who always forgets she even has a blog.

Anyway, since it's been a long time, here's all the crudcrap I've been up to this summer, in a very rough and shaky order (aka 'the order I remember them'):

1) I went to New York and MET MIKE MOZART. Yep, the Toy Guru from Youtube! He was having a New York fan gathering that I didn't even know about until I got there.
Of course, I had to wait hours for him to arrive at the designated meeting spot due to NYC traffic, but it was totally worth it! We went through Toys R' Us, got a photo, and then he bought us all McDonalds (I'm seriously not making this up, Mike Mozart is a god among men). HURRRR.

2) I went to Second City camp! ...sort of. I went for a week and day out of a two week camp due to plumbing issues trapping my family in the house (the driveway was dug up to fix the pipe), but the time I went was actually pretty awesome. We played improv games, had a lot of in-jokes (Sir Laugh-A-Lot [HA-HA!], "MILES! MILES! MILES~!", and, perhaps most epic of all, "Sodomizing children" as an example of what not to make a sketch about).
The best day was the day we got to make up songs on the spot.
I wish I could have said goodbye to my troupe: Nathaniel, James, Miles, Ryan/Carl, Ryan #2, Jess and the girl with all the cool shirts whose name sadly slips my mind...OMG I'm SO SORRY :(...if you're reading this, I really enjoyed the time we had together. I hope we meet again someday.

3) I had a tragic event involving meeting someone that I admire very much...or rather, not being able to meet him due to terrible luck and timing issues...I'm not going to mention the person in question, because I forgive him and I don't want him to see this and feel like he did something wrong or mean, because what happened wasn't at all his fault. If anything, I don't care about the effect on me. What I care about most is that you, sir, deserve every bit of praise you're getting right now. I love you, and that will never stop. Someday, I know we'll meet and laugh about this. Just not any time soon...

Thanks for the determination, Scott... :')


I saw Despicable Me and it was AWESOME! This year has been a helluva year for animation: How To Train Your Dragon, Toy Story 3, and now Despicable Me, which might actually be (GASP) the best out of all of them. I feel pretty guilty for saying it, since that's going up against Chris Sanders and flippin' PIXAR, but Despicable Me just squeezes past the others by being hilarious and incredibly touching at the same time. Oh, and containing Gru. And the Minions. And Vector. Vector and me have a lot in common. It's actually kind of creepy:
- We're both nerdy and lonely
- We have the same favourite colors (orange and white)
- We both have brown hair and glasses
- We both play Wii
- We both love sweets and snacks
- We're both afraid of our fathers yeah....

5) I beat both Super Mario Galaxy games! Took me long enough, right? I actually beat Super Mario Galaxy 2 first. Wierd.
I can't say this enough times - if you own a Wii, YOU MUST OWN THESE GAMES. The music, the gameplay, the atmosphere...all of it is top-notch and of the highest quality. Nintendo outdoes itself with every Mario game, but these ones will always hold a special place in my heart due to the space theme (you know I love space) and the awesome gravity puzzles!
As for my favourite level in the sequel, that would definately be A Stroll Down Rolling Lane, the second star in Melty Monster Galaxy. It's a perfect example of how Mario (and Nintendo in general) works; it seems impossible at first, but each time you try again - the level of fun never going down, even as you try over and over - you get a little further. When you finally get that star, you feel like you've just won a marathon, but you didn't get controller-smashing frustrated because, though difficult, it was a fun process.

Here's the level in question. Rock Mario for the win!

Last, but not least...

Just...Jim. Allow me to explain: we went to the antiques show at Sherway Gardens, where I saw an eyeless antique teddy bear, possibly from the 1930s, for sale. I don't know why, but I couldn't stop thinking about that darn bear! He was covered in stains, his ears were ripped, and somebody had taken a pen to his stomach and written "Jim" roughly in his fur.
I bought him.

Now he's got new button eyes and a bow tie, but is still just creepy enough. Darn me and my love of creepy plushies!

So, what's next for me this summer? I'm gonna meet the author of Zorgamazoo! I'm gonna go to Fan Expo! I'm gonna go to Niagra Falls...maybe! Most likely, I'm gonna "waste" time doing all the things I love - living my life on the internet, playing Nintendo, and drawing. Lots and lots of drawing.

Peace out~!

~ Pirka

Friday, June 18, 2010

Kid Lit, Animation, Time Travel and Cute Stuff, Oh My!

...oh man. Where the heck do I begin?

1) Canadian Books That Don't Suck!? (I'm shocked, too)

Hamish X passing his torch to Prince Breandan

Sean Cullen, author of the perenially awesome Hamish X trilogy, has a new series out called Chronicles of the Misplaced Prince. I finally got around to reading the first book - suffice to say, it's AWESOME as well! Too much to say - buy it and enjoy the win!

How can that be topped, you ask? How about a novel written entirely in rhyme that features monsters, aliens, and mad doctors all in the same story?! Say hello to the lovely chaos that is Zorgamazoo! Though I like all the characters (which is saying a lot for me), the "Graylian" creature-capturer Dullbert Hohummer The Third has a special place in my heart for being so adorably kuudere-y that it makes me want to hug something as soon as I write his name!

"Good morning."

2) Toy Story SQUEEEE.

Lotso and Chatter Telephone

Toy Story 3 comes out today. I'm going to see it in an hour. It's a Pixar movie. Nuff' said.
I can't wait to see Woody, Buzz, Rex, Slinky, Hamm...all of those guys! The new characters are the biggest draw for me though - especially the two above!


BADASS 11th Doctor and Amy

That was supposed to be the Doctor Who theme song written phonetically. I fail.
Anyway, Doctor Who is awesome. I've wanted to watch it ever since I knew it existed. Right now I'm watching the 9th Doctor and the 11th at the same time! Twice the fun!

4) Wish Come True

The Rainbow King!

I went to the Wish Come True festival in Queen's Park today, where cute critters walked around and spread joy everywhere they went! I got a chance to meet the people behind it - they were really nice guys - and they even signed a book for me!

In conclusion, SQUEEEEEEEE!
I leave you with a photo that should be self explanatory if you've read my liveblog...


~ Pirka

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Anime North 2010

Well, another awesome convention has come and gone. I had a great time with Nyk (the only bad moments involved us getting seperated due to a misunderstanding and a ice cream truck slushie that really, really sucked); he slept over and we watched Darker Than Black and Lucky Star.
Here's what I bought at Anime North 2010!

: Lucky Star vol. 5 and 6, Keroro Gunsou dub vol. 4

Figures: 2 Puchi Eva blind box (turned out as Rei and Kaworu), 1 Vocaloid Puchi Nendoroid blind box (it was Meiko, darn it), 1 figure of Yuri (aka 'the main character') from Alien Nine, and, last, but certainly not least, a Yotsuba&! revoltech!

Plushies: ...of Lulun, Shiny Luminous, and Card Commune w/ Mipple, all from Futari Wa Pretty Cure (and the sequel Max Heart)! That awesome dude who sells Precure stuff did it again!

Other Stuff: A Keroro-head-shaped purse and a copy of volume 1 of Neko Ramen.

I also got to eat a taiyaki pastry (really good) and a red bean bun (really...stale) for the first time!

Will be uploading photos later. Raccoons with stun guns!!

~ Pirka
PS: Momiji drawing by Dr. Chrissy on DA.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Lookin' For My Lotso

As you may know, Toy Story 3 is coming out on June 18th. One of the most exciting things about this for me is the introduction of Lotso, the first major character in the Toy Story series to be a stuffed animal...not to mention the fact he's apparently the villain, which only makes him more appealing to me.

However, there's a catch: it is near impossible to find any Lotso merch in stores right now - even the stuff that's actually been released already - and the stuff that you can find is outrageously expensive (a LEGO dump truck for 40 dollars!?).

Probably the best bit of Lotso-ness I have found at this time is a toy Matchbox truck with Lotso tied to the front (heh, so much for trying not to spoil it - I know that's the ending of the movie from the Art Of book) that speaks various phrases when you push him. I am debating whether or not to buy this or to just hold my horses till' the full-size, interactive Lotso toy (pictured above - yep, that's a real toy, not a movie screencap) comes out on June 1st.

~ Pirka

Monday, April 26, 2010

How To Make An Awesome Movie + Slightly Disturbing Plushies In Semi-Drag

1) Chris Sanders and/or Dean DeBlois.


On a slightly stranger note, Haru and Bobo are PRETTY PRETTY PRINCESSES who are actually both male what the hell are you wearing guys.

~ Pirka

Friday, April 23, 2010

TFIF - Going to Nonna's House

...which means, unfortunately, I won't be on here very much. The good news is that I'll have a laptop with a rocket stick equipped, so I'll be able to actually go online! :)

Stuff I'm Bringing To Nonna's House: An Inventory
(Because I have nothing else to really say here, lol)
One (1) Nintendo DSi, Pink with Orange slipcover
One (1) Nintendo DSi charger
One (1) Case of Nintendo DS game cards with Luigi on it can't find a photo
One (1) Pink Dell laptop, nicknamed 'Hope-chan' after Hope Cladwell from Urinetown
One (1) Rogers Rocket Stick, aka 'what will save my life on this trip'
One (1) Large, blue Sketchbook
One (1) Mechanical pencil
One (1) Orange 2nd Gen iPod Nano
One (1) Pair of sound-cancelling headphones
Two (2) Keroro Gunsou DVDs with the crappy English dub on
One (1) REPO! The Genetic Opera DVD
One (1) Lilo And Stitch: Two Disc Big Wave Edition DVD
One (1) Red, hot-headed genetic experiment
Three (3) Vials of life-saving Zydra -- I mean, Purell
One (1) Backpack to put it all in

In the immortal words of that random dude who looked like Yosemite Sam that I saw boarding an elevator once, "See y'all later!"

~ Pirka

Friday, April 16, 2010

Thank Frog It's -- OMFG REPO!

Now, the Largo Platoon will conquer Pekopon! GEEEEERO-GERO-GERORI!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

At The Op'ra Tonight!

My two favourite characters, Luigi and Pavi Largo :)

In late March I got the chance to go to a shadowcast of REPO! The Genetic Opera! This is the first shadowcast I've ever been to, and it was a little nerve-wracking, but goddamn was it fun! The cast performing was Toronto's own Shadowcats.

There was one rather awkward moment during the song 21st Century Cure: you see, I was in the second row, and the 'body' that Graverobber was extracting Zydrate from was in the seat beside me. In order to extract it, he steps up over the front row other words, his crotch was in my face for the whole song. I...really had no clue where to look. After the "Graverobber Crotch Initiation", everything else seemed fine in comparison though - I guess it was for the best, lawl.

Tomorrow I am going to my second REPO! shadowcast. I'm *really* excited! I'm hoping this time it will be a male Luigi and Pavi, but that's probably wishful thinking on my part. :P

Also, got Pokemon SoulSilver! Totally unrelated...but still!

~ Pirka

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Vs, My God

I didn't mention this on my "Why The End Of March Is Awesome" post, but new episodes of V return tonight! That means the return of Anna and the Visitors vs Erica and the...people?
Really lookin' forward to it! Even though I love the original series, this one, imho, blows it out of the water!

~ Pirka

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The end of March is gonna be awesome

REPO! Shadowcast at the Bloor St. Cinema - March 19th, 9:30 PM
Which, coincidentally, is also Haru's first birthday! March 19th was when I got him last year.
Mini Anime-Con Spring 2010 - March 2oth/21st, 11:00 AM [roughly]
One year anniversary of Interdimensional Transfer Student Erro - March 28th
Actually got invited to a birthday party for the first time in at least 3 years - March 31st

I think I just peed myself. 8D

PS: Picture unrelated.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Cartoons I Miss: Volume One Of What I Know Will Be Several

Ah, Evil Con Carne. Anyone else remember this show? It was overshadowed by its cousin-by-the-same-creator, The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, which was (in my opinion) still really good but not even close to Evil Con Carne in terms of awesome. It worked really well when it was both shows in one way back in the day, but for some reason as seperate shows Carne flopped and Grim flourished...

If you haven't heard of this animated slice of win, it centers around a brain in a jar with a Mexican accent [Hector Con Carne] attached to a Russian circus bear [Boskov] (yes, you read that correctly) and his two 'sidekicks' - a female mad scientist [Major Dr. Ghastley] and a British-sounding military general [General Skarr, my favourite character!] - trying to, you guessed it, take over the world (M. Bison: OF COURSE!)! Much like my perennial favourite, the Keroro Platoon, they, well, fail at it. Fortunately, they never fail at being awesome.

I recently found a whole bunch of episodes on a website called (link goes to a random episode), not quite the whole series but enough to keep one satisfied who misses the show. Viva Con Carne!

~ Pirka

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Open My Heart!!

Heartcatch Pretty Cure premiered at the beginning of February - so far this is the first season of PreCure I have watched episode by episode, not counting the dub - and it's by far my favourite season ever. Yes, it even beats the original continuity. Why is this? Here are a few reasons:

The Style

The style of Heartcatch PreCure is my ideal anime drawing style. I love the way the eyes are drawn and how cute and 'doll-like' the characters are. Of course, this isn't my first time being a fan of this may have seen it before in the series Ojamajo Doremi, which shared the same character designer!

Tsubomi and Erika, the heroines of Heartcatch PreCure

A group picture of the main characters from Ojamajo Doremi

The Character Interactions
While Pretty Cure has always had very good character development, the relationship beetween Tsubomi and Erika is different than anything they have done before. Tsubomi - the "main" Cure - is a shy, 'shrinking violet' type who wants to use moving to a new town as an opportunity to become more open to people.
Erika, on the other hand, is an absolute firecracker who jumps right into things and sometimes doesn't think about how other people may feel. This leads to a lot of conflict beetween the two of them and what will eventually amount to an unbreakable bond. Some of the best character interaction since the original Futari Wa Pretty Cure.

It's Already Got A Meme
Yep, seriously! It all started when someone posted a picture on the Japanese PreCure-themed imageboard Eastan that depicted a scene from the first episode where Erika jumps up in front of the fashion shop her family owns and says "This is my house!"...and people promptly replied by editing the 'jumping Erika' into other pictures!

~ Pirka

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Haru's Third Battery Change + Alpha 2?!

Haru looks absolutely darling in his 'racer cap'!

Today, Haru-chan, my Primopuel, finally got his second battery change! He was only 'off' for about 2 weeks, but I missed him so much that I actually cried when he sprung back to life.
...and started singing 'Hot Toxic Love', but there's no justification for that.

Anyway, there's other news, too! Gasssp! There's a big possibility that there will be a huge change in my life regarding the crap-heap known as 'school' - I might be switching to the gifted school called Alpha 2 (II?). It's like they had a conference about giving the school the coolest possible name ever. It could only get cooler if it was called 'Shark Spaceship' or something. I digress.

Seriously, do I really need to say anything other than the school's name? It's downright badass. It sounds like a school for Gundam pilots. In fact, it deserves its own logo...
...Why, yes, I do have an overactive imagination. Why do you ask?

~ Pirka

Sunday, January 17, 2010

My Trip To Pacific Mall

Hey yo!~ Today was actually pretty awesome for a Sunday. Why? I got to go to Pacific Mall for the first time! I heard about it from my AMX meeting at school (the nerd club) and they said that anyone who likes cuteness should go there at least once. It did not dissapoint!
(we found this completely empty store except for a poster of none other than Private Tamama. The invasion has BEGUN!)

Here are the things I bought...

1) Several of the stores had full-on rows of authentic gashapon (capsule toy) machines -- not the crappy ones we have at most grocery stores and malls; these ones were the real deal and had really nice figures and mini-plush in them. I bought a Puchi Eva figure because the artist, Ryu Moto, is a personal friend; and a Stitch! anime toy.
The Puchi Eva figure I got was Shinji (meh, didn't really want him) and the Stitch! toy I got was a mini plasma cannon that 'shoots' a projected picture of Stitch onto walls and stuff, which is awesome.

2) This place was absolutely chock full of import DVD shops, and, before I could hope there was a slim chance I could find them, there they were: KERORO DVDS!

They even had English subs (long story short: for some reason the Japanese ones don't but the Chinese ones do, though both have Chinese and Japanese audio)!! I now officially own every Keroro Gunsou movie that exists on DVD, as well as a selection of season 3 episodes. ...and the quality is actually not bad! The subtitles make sense and are as good as the fansubs, if not better. I knew this mall was going to be awesome, but this was an unexpected win!

My complete Keroro Gunsou DVD collection (including the official English release from FUNimation and the 3rd season one I got):

3) Last, but certainly not least: there were two model shops there that also sold figures. I eventually found a Konata Izumi Nendoroid from Lucky Star (you know, the one you can't even find online anymore?!), and my Dad actually let me get it! If it couldn't get any sweeter, I realized that Konata's generous donation of one of her extra neck joints meant that my Pastel Ink Nendoroid finally has her head on again!!

Thank you so much, Dad, for bringing me today~

~ Pirka