Monday, December 7, 2009

Infernex Eyecatch Wallpapers - Rose Vixen + Felix

Rose Vixen - Vixen has been infected by an Artifact Blossom, becoming a being known as a 'Florafaun'. The malevolent flower has taken deep root in all systems of her body and has full control over most of her doing. She can sprout vines through her skin and is constantly oozing toxic liquid from the two flowers that have bloomed on either side of her head.
Felix Flanken - An artificial life-form, designed to imitate all of the powers of animal demons, created on a remote tropical island. A master at mixing tonics and medications, he carries a vial of his 'super serum' around his neck at all times in case of emergencies. He has a scar of unknown origins on his head and a nervous temperament.
Two new characters debuting this year.
"Let's bloom forever...together!"
~ Pirka

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