Monday, November 30, 2009

Infernex Eyecatch Wallpapers - Topper, Erika and Hocus

Cartographer Topper - A Penguin Demon with the ability to shapeshift, Topper is often shy but remarkably smart. He has a dark past of being forgotten by Santa Claus himself that causes him to, if provoked, become absolutely ferocious.
Demon Teacher Erika - A 5000-year-old powerhouse of a Rabbit Demon, Erika awakened from her stone chamber to teach Hinkle how to use his powers. Though she is a stern, no-nonsense teacher, she is very kind. Has grown to love Hinkle very deeply.

Demon Guardian "Hocus Pocus" Turon - A demon assigned to watch over Hinkle, the 'chosen one', for any signs of danger. He loathes this job, especially since he had to disguise himself as a pet rabbit for years - and Hinkle still treats him as such. Tends to rush into things without thinking. Easily angered.

Here's the remainder of the members of Team Infernex!
"Let's bloom forever...together!"
~ Pirka

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