Monday, November 30, 2009

Infernex Eyecatch Wallpapers - Topper, Erika and Hocus

Cartographer Topper - A Penguin Demon with the ability to shapeshift, Topper is often shy but remarkably smart. He has a dark past of being forgotten by Santa Claus himself that causes him to, if provoked, become absolutely ferocious.
Demon Teacher Erika - A 5000-year-old powerhouse of a Rabbit Demon, Erika awakened from her stone chamber to teach Hinkle how to use his powers. Though she is a stern, no-nonsense teacher, she is very kind. Has grown to love Hinkle very deeply.

Demon Guardian "Hocus Pocus" Turon - A demon assigned to watch over Hinkle, the 'chosen one', for any signs of danger. He loathes this job, especially since he had to disguise himself as a pet rabbit for years - and Hinkle still treats him as such. Tends to rush into things without thinking. Easily angered.

Here's the remainder of the members of Team Infernex!
"Let's bloom forever...together!"
~ Pirka

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Infernex Eyecatch Wallpapers - Hinkle + Grimsley

Professor Albert Hinkle - The 'chosen one' of legend? Maybe so, but he still isn't there quite yet. Hinkle may have the power to control both fire and ice (not to mention that he's the only one who can use his magic hat's true powers), but he's still more interested in fake magic - even though he's ridiculously bad at it.

General/Head Guard/Lawkeeper/Mayoral Assistant Hildehelm Grimsley - A Hare Demon 'battle butler' who is amazingly good with a sword (he can actually cut things cleanly in half - including people). Known for his politeness, loyalty and complete unflappability. Joined Infernex in order to rescue his master from certain peril. Do not undersestimate him in battle.

The first two 'eyecatch' cards from Forever Blooming Infernex. Click on them to make them bigger, if you want.
"Let's bloom forever...together!"
~ Pirka

Friday, November 20, 2009

Thank Frog It's Friday! [Nov. 20th 09]

Now that it's Friday, we can finally kick back and relax with some junk food and comics like our friend Tamama here!
Because it's nearly Christmastime, my heart is blind-set on a certain group of heroic animal demons...Infernex!

From today on, we present the Infernex Christmas Countdown! Every so often, I'll post what Infernex is up to...

Also, one more funny thing for the road. I honestly could not stop laughing when I first saw this, so consider yourself warned (caution: immature Engrish humor ahead).

Happy Friday! :)

~ Pirka

Monday, November 16, 2009


"Phobu phobuuuu!"
...I could do this for hours.

~ Pirka

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Nendoroid Pastel Ink

Yesterday I got my Nendoroid Pastel Ink (from Moetan) in the mail! This is her current situation, perched on my desk all happy-like...but...

Oh no! I broke her Majimero!
Ink: What do I do?!
Me: I'll fix it, I promise!!

I took a few photos of the box!

Lolicon pervert duck-wizard approved!

Hopefully I'll be able to fix the Majimero, so she can use her spells...or else she's going to fail as a magical girl!
~ Pirka