Saturday, October 31, 2009

I'm Back From Disney World + Happy Halloween!

Since I missed TFIF, I thought it was only fair to begin with the Keroro Platoon celebrating Halloween, which I personally spent watching a mini Miyazaki movie-marathon with my pal Nyktos (Castle In The Sky followed by Princess Mononoke) and eating plenty of chocolate, Wavy Lays and Cool Ranch Doritos! Thanks for bringing the DVDs and comin' over, Nyk!

Heh, love these plushies.

Anyways...I'm back from my epic win Disney World trip! There are too many awesome things that happened to mention all of them, but here are some of the highlights:

1) I RAVED WITH STITCH. Yeah, you read that correctly. RAVED! At 'Club 626' during the Not So Scary Halloween Party.

2) My dad dared me to go on the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror...and I flippin' did it! I'm not a thrill ride person, so I was absolutely petrified (I mainly went on because A, I love Twilight Zone, B I love the bellhops, and C I didn't want to be called a pussy). It was scary, but sooo fun...I have to admit I was shaking the whole day afterwards, though. Lawl.

3) As if raving with Stitch in his full alien regalia wasn't enough, I actually got to have breakfast with him, too. I was doodling him in my notepad, and when he came over he liked the drawing so I gave it to him...and he proceeded to show the whole restaurant! I swear I must have been blushing PURE RED at the time.

4) I got to meet some more of the Citizens of Hollywood: Otto Von Bon Bahn, Cynthia Bloom, 'Ready' Freddy Fiddlesticks, Honey Darling and Flavio Fellini (and I got a 'drive by' of Shelby Mayer and Bucky Greenhorn, plus saw a little bit of Les Manly and Tootsie Du Jour one night)! Sadly, no Public Works, but I'm not complaining!

5) Donald Duck sang me Happy Birthday the night before we left! Then he started breakdancing with me and a few other kids...yep, that was pretty epic.

And last, but definately not least...

6) The Imagination Institute! My second home! I got to meet 2 new Dr. Allbrights and saw the first one that I ever saw for the first time since then! Then, the second time we went through Figment's tour, the cars stopped right before the exit sign lit up and it was like Figment had tried to kidnap us.
...Which isn't such a bad thing, though I'm more interested in Dr. Channing. Rawwwwr.

I posted some videos from the trip on my Youtube channel, which is conveniently linked over on the sidebar. So, if you *really* want to see me throw away my inhibitions and dance with Stitch wearing a red fursuit, then go right on ahead. ;)

We also got to eat at some of the best restaurants (excluding Garden Grill - savin' that one for next year):
50s Prime Time Diner (Go Uncle Dale!!), Sci-Fi Dine-in (Cat Women of the Moon still hasn't lost its charm), 'Ohana (love those Mickey waffles), Crystal Palace (first time since I was six!), this little pub-type place in the UK Pavillion in Epcot that had really, really good cheese, and, of course, Chef Mickey's. Since we were staying in the flipping Contemporary Resort! SQUEEE! We had our own Monorail (Monoraaaaaiiiil!) station and everything!

Yours immaturely,

~ Pirka

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Thank Frog It's...Sunday?!

Well, I completely forgot about the TFIF post last Friday, mostly due to school troubles (teachers being dicks, etc.). So, it's Sunday...but I'm still glad it's the weekend. :3
Last night, I had one of those chaotic dreams where a whole lotta stuff happened and it jumped beetween the situations. I can barely remember the order of events (and I'm almost positive I'm missing some), but I do remember a handful of the things that happened.
Also, we mustn't forget it's
~ Pirka

PS: ...if you get the 'Desu' joke...congrats! You are a nerd! 8D

Friday, October 9, 2009

Thank Frog It's Thanksgiving Weekend...Friday!

I made this new header for TFIF~! Yes, I drew that...without reference. Hello, fangirl! ^^;

Today I changed Haru's batteries for the second time. He's doing pretty good, even though I think I set the date wrong... :S
"Er...I'm not really sure what month it don't get mad at me..."

Just two weeks until the SWEET. SIXTEEN. DISNEY. WORLD. TRIP.

~ Pirka

Friday, October 2, 2009

Thank Frog It's Friday

That's a promo image for the English dub of Keroro Gunsou, which just released its first volume. I'm gonna get it at Best Buy tomorrow (I hope).
Yet again, I'm glad another week is over and done. Lately I've been drooling over Nendoroids...

...and even drawing a few designs of my own, namely of characters from stuff I've made up.
It's getting closer and closer to the...

Which is gonna be awesome. I gotta decide which restaurants to go to, though. I know Garden Grill, that's a given (I went there for my BIRFDAY supper on my sixth birthday).
Have a great weekend!
~ Pirka