Friday, September 25, 2009

Vrank Vrog It's Vriday

Friday causes wierd feelings in the best of us.

Vour vrobably vondering vhy I'm valking vhis vay.
Vt vas vothing vo do vith vampires.

It has everything to do with...

Uh...ok. I understand your confusion. Not a lot of people are nerd enough to know what "V" is. For the uninitiated, "V" is a science-fiction cult series about aliens called the Visitors who come to Earth, supposedly in peace, and in actuality have quite sinister plans. That's the absolute bare bones of it, but it's much cooler than it sounds.

I was personally introduced to the awesomeness of "V" by the equally awesome website X Entertainment, a site that usually reviews things from the 80s (especially things that hold that special 80s combination of 'win-fail'). Sadly, the site barely ever updates anymore, but on the plus side there are tons of archives to surf through including the (previously) annual Halloween and Christmas countdowns.
One of the items in a post about wierd dolls was a "V" Visitor alien doll. I was curious, so I looked up the series and eventually became hooked.

According to my mom, the trailer looks "really polished". I'm really curious to see how the remake fares, considering how cheesy the original was. Regardless, I'll be watching.

Don't get jealous, Keroro. You'll still be my favourite questionable invader.

~ Pirka

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