Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Last Day of School

Watashi no Tsubasa
My Wings
By MAHO-DOU, recorded for Ojamajo Doremi

I feel a little embarrassed, but I still spread open my wings.
Both color and shape are peculiar, because these wings are only for me.

Probably, today, I look bigger than myself in those days.
I can go beyond even your hands.
My thought is to fly up into the sky.

The place where we were laughing or crying, in those days.
Those many times when we were discouraged or frolicking.
Although those moments look so small...
my heart is filled with "Thank You".

When I didn't know anything, I couldn't find it.
I have grown before I find my small wings.
Fly away...

I'm feeling shining winds on my whole body.
I'm holding the courage from you,
and I can fly to any sky.

The place where we talked or quarreled, in those days.
Many times when I was told of or beating fast.
Although those moments don't come back, I'm keeping them
in my heart carefully, I say "Thank You".

Forever, in my heart

There is a feeling of "Thank You"...

Thank you to everyone in Urinetown, to everyone in guidance, and my parents for helping me through this very difficult year. My heart is full of "Arigatou".

~ Pirka

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