Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Haru's First Battery Change + Mario Galaxy

Haru with his freshly replaced D batteries

...I was afraid things would go rough, but it turned out OK! I'm sooo glad I posted the English instructions here, because you do need to reset everything when you change the batteries. (Or maybe I shouldn't have turned him 'off'...oh well, I know for the next time)

I missed having him around a lot. I mean, he was still here, but with no voice he just wasn't the same. It took about a week to find the batteries, and a few more days for me to get the courage to change them (I was afraid I'd do something wrong and lose him forever).

In other news, I was probably the last person in the world to start playing Super Mario Galaxy. I honestly didn't start playing until last week. I feel like I betrayed Nintendo, but it was really due to school sucking up every iota of my time.

Bees. My God.

I'm already at 35-ish stars, proving once again that I'm way better at video games than I was when 'Sunshine' came out. I like how each galaxy has one a few challenges, which helps to keep the game fresh and makes more cool places to explore! The music in the game is just plain epic. The Gusty Gardens Galaxy music sounds like it wouldn't be out of place in a summer blockbuster. To put it in perspective, that galaxy is filled with bunnies. EPIC bunnies.

I'll talk about TTGL next time, cuz' this journal is getting wordy. See ya!

~ Pirka

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Deviantart Toronto Meet THIS FRIDAY + Tegaki E

The World Tour is holding its next deviantMEET on Friday, June 26th in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The meet will be held in High Park. Exact location details will be announced in the next couple of days, but we'll be assembling near the Bloor Street entrance, making it convenient for those taking transit. Now is the time to plan -- please join us!



Also, I got a new Wii. So I don't have to worry about that anymore. I'm so glad it's summer...!
Summertime also means that I have time to draw on Tegaki E, my other main hangout besides DA and TV Tropes.
My account is here - enjoy the lack of sanity!

~ Pirka

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Little Spark Of Crazy Goodness





(Yes, I made this craziness)

~ Pirka

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sorry I've Been Gone

...I've been really sick and feverish. Sorry...

(The picture is, indeed, completely unrelated.)

~ Pirka

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Last Day of School

Watashi no Tsubasa
My Wings
By MAHO-DOU, recorded for Ojamajo Doremi

I feel a little embarrassed, but I still spread open my wings.
Both color and shape are peculiar, because these wings are only for me.

Probably, today, I look bigger than myself in those days.
I can go beyond even your hands.
My thought is to fly up into the sky.

The place where we were laughing or crying, in those days.
Those many times when we were discouraged or frolicking.
Although those moments look so small...
my heart is filled with "Thank You".

When I didn't know anything, I couldn't find it.
I have grown before I find my small wings.
Fly away...

I'm feeling shining winds on my whole body.
I'm holding the courage from you,
and I can fly to any sky.

The place where we talked or quarreled, in those days.
Many times when I was told of or beating fast.
Although those moments don't come back, I'm keeping them
in my heart carefully, I say "Thank You".

Forever, in my heart

There is a feeling of "Thank You"...

Thank you to everyone in Urinetown, to everyone in guidance, and my parents for helping me through this very difficult year. My heart is full of "Arigatou".

~ Pirka

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


This is only a fraction of what they announced (also, what I can remember...):

- New Super Mario Bros. Wii with 4 player co-op

- Final Fantasy: The Crystal Bearers, an 'open world' FF game exclusively for Wii

- Kingdom Hearts for Wii (I think it's a port of the second game, might be wrong)

- Golden Sun DS - I can hear Nick nerdgasming from here!

- A new Wii Fit for the three people who care about that (we nerds shun the word 'fit'...RAWR)

- A whole bunch of downloadable user-generated stuff for DSi, including WarioWare DIY. Now we can add to the insanity of microgames as much as we want! I'm really looking forward to that. Also featuring Ds Ware such as a new Mario vs. Donkey Kong game with customizable levels.

- Metroid Other M...pretty much looks like Metroid and FF had a sexy lovechild. Samus as a little loli, too.

- Mario and Luigi RPG 3, this one has an 'inherration' theme!

...and, last, but DEFINATELY NOT LEAST:

Effing Super Mario Galaxy 2.

Two 3D Mario games on one console.

...and you can ride Yoshi.

This is going to be a great year for Nintendo, ladies and gentlemen. No new Kid Icarus, no new Kirby, no new Pokemon - you can whine about that if you'd like, but I'm cool with what we've got.

Anyone who says this year's conference was a fail needs to get their head out of their butt.

Those who identify themselves as 'Core' gamers, to me, are like the quote-on-quote 'Disney Fans' who do nothing but complain about what Disney has supposedly screwed up this time. You know the ones - the people who pretty much live off of 'they changed it now it sucks'? The people who refused to enjoy Lilo and Stitch because it was science fiction?

Those aren't fans, they're effing hippocrites.

Ok, sorry to sour the mood. Here's something to boost it back up -


~ Pirka