Thursday, May 14, 2009

Advertising, WTF? Part Two

...welcome to the second installment of the aptly titled series I'd like to call - Advertising, WTF?!

In our first part, we looked over the horror that is Want 2B Square. Now, I will reveal what that was actually advertising with another video clue: this time, another campaign for the same product, but from a different year, that features equal amounts of what-the-hell-itude and a good clean sprinkle of nightmare fuel.

Ok. Poor little Sheeporuuuuu~
...what were these advertising?
Drumroll, please...

The Scion XB and XD model cars by Toyota!

Yes, these two campaigns were both car advertisements. Would you ever have guessed that if I hadn't told you? To be fair, the Little Deviants ad at least shows a car in it...

What made these ad campaigns successful? In the decades past, one of the biggest rules of advertising was to make sure it was clear what you were selling. However, the current method shows that people aren't upset when they have to literally work for the purpose of an ad to come to light - in fact, with the advent of the ARG (Alternate Reality Game), many advertising agencies have decided to apply similar tactics to their campaigns.
Why would you sell a car of all things with disturbing images like peoples' heads being pressed into squares and innocent creatures getting their skin flayed off by midget demons? The Scion brand is especially designed to be edgy - its demographic is the 16 to 26 'rebel teen' market, so their use of shock tactics and their 'screw conformity' attitude is supposed to attract the target market of choice. Granted, I'm in that market and I want to give the Sheeple a hug because I feel their pain...poor little guys, working hard to do right in a world of bone-crunching monsters...I'm making this way too dramatic.

Now, let's move onto an ad campaign that is brilliant rather than scary, but doesn't cease to make you say a resounding WTF?!

Coke Creatures

"Say Yes To Summer" is the cry of the Coca-Cola Company this time of year. I don't even drink Coke - I can't stomach anything carbonated - but I definately agree with the philosophy that adorable, high-budget ads and time off school equals win. I'd buy a bottle of Coke just for that.

The premise of their newest ad, an offshoot of the Happiness Factory series (which features a factory inside of a soft drink vending machine that is operated by minature Seussian creatures), features a man with a rather unusual pipe organ...

...which, faster than you can say 'animatronics still exist!?', opens up to reveal a host of adorable (but slightly Uncanny Valley) 'Coke Creatures' who sing a simple song for the love of summer.

...I want one.

~ Pirka

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