Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Advertising, WTF? Part One

You have now entered another dimension. No, it is not the Twilight Zone. It's...commercials. Yeah, commercials. Today we shall take a look at advertisements and viral campaigns that make you go "What the hell just happened?" rather than "Cool, I want to buy that." ...or, they may simply give you nightmares. Whatever the case, these ads aren't exactly what you'd call normal...

Want 2B Square

The advertising campaign called 'Want 2B Square' is a good example of:
1) Fairly well executed viral marketing.
2) Nightmare fuel from the bowels of hell.

In order to get the full experience, I'm not going to tell you what exactly this campaign is advertising until the end. I also removed the related videos - no cheating, kiddies!

A warning: this may have been shown in movie theatres across North America, but it is also pretty darn disturbing. Do NOT watch this in the dark, or any time you don't have a change of pants nearby.

...ok, I'll give you a second to process that.
...oh, god, where do we start...
A mad scientist giving surgery to a group of people who are put into Saw-esque compactor machines, being fed through tubes of liquid, for the ultimate result of being endowed with cube-shaped heads. The last guy doesn't take to the operation, so they put him back into the machine. It is unclear whether he was so upset because the surgery didn't work or because it was so damn painful he didn't want to go back into there.

So, what was this commercial for? Stay tuned for the next part of Advertising, WTF?

~ Pirka

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