Friday, May 29, 2009


Pennywise says: "I really think I should be questioning my sanity a little more."

Thank frog it's Friday~

~ Pirka

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Anime North Swag

Kagami from Lucky Star figure

Mepple from Futari Wa Pretty Cure! I can't believe it!!

I finally got my camera to work again, so here are some pics of the awesome stuff I got at Anime North.

~ Pirka

Monday, May 25, 2009

Ganbatte! Anime North!

Yep, my first real anime convention has come and gone - and what a convention it was! I got to hang out with a lot of cool amateur webcomic artists, finally own some Pretty Cure and Lucky Star merchandise, saw the Taiko drummers perform songs about Canada, met a member of Dr. Steel's Toy Soldiers who gave me a free Dr. Steel button and watched a screening of the 11th Pokemon movie, Giratina and the Sky Warrior, which was awesome (and full of Narm from the incredibly camp villain who must be seen to be believed...Zero, keep on trucking).

Zero, the living, breathing generator of Narmish moments

I want to make a personal shoutout to the creators of the awesome webcomic Dragon Mango for getting me back on my feet again! Visit them at and get in on the fruitalicious dragontastic action! These guys put a lot of work into this comic and it shows, so drop by and give some support <:

~ Pirka

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Shows With Styles I Like - Part One

My idea for this segment came from a forum flame war where people were discussing whether anime or western animation is 'better' (for the record, this arguement is half the reason nobody takes me seriously. I - GASP - like both equally and see the pros and cons of each). The arguement came that 'all anime looks the same', then the retort of 'well, all western animation looks the same, too' came out.

These, of course, are both blatant lies. While all animation shares some common stylistic ground, everyone tends to have their own style and added flavour, which carries over into the final animated product. Let's take a look at some of these delicious flavours!

I've decided to do one anime and one western animation each time, to prove that both are awesome.

Subject 1:
Lilo and Stitch

Stylistic Inspiration: the artwork of Chris Sanders
Company: Disney
Release Date: June 21, 2002

As you all probably know, I am a huge fan of Lilo and Stitch in all of its forms - but I'm here right now just to talk about the unique art style.
The world of Lilo and Stitch was invented by one Chris Sanders, a Disney concept artist. The character of Stitch had existed as doodle fodder for Sanders since the 80s, so this was very much a personal project for him.

Qualities of Chris Sanders' art style:

1) Roundness
One of the most notable things about this style is how everything is rounded - there are no sharp edges. Even things that are meant to be sharp, like spines, are rounded at the tip, giving everything a very unique, 'huggable' look.

2) Chunkiness
Another interesting aspect of Sanders' art style is how he draws people. Limbs are thick and chunky, fingers are small and stubby, and hot girls are hot despite not being stick-thin. Everything is bottom-heavy, so legs are always drawn quite chunky and thick. It adds to the stylistic appeal.

Chris Sanders is also responsable for the webcomic Kiskaloo, which shares this style. Take a look at the main character, Ogo the cat: can see it, can't you? Everything is round, chunky and curvy. It all makes for a very appealing look.

That's it for part one - next time, we take a look at an anime with a unique style that I like -

Lucky Star!

Friday, May 15, 2009

TFIF Long Weekend

I'm not as happy as I should be that this is a long weekend. Possibly because of my recent computer tragedy (my hard drive fried). Still, I hope to make this a good weekend. I hope you all have a good weekend, too.
~ Pirka

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Math Class Flowers and Urinetown 'Minifigure' Doodles

Urinetown Minifigures by FIGMA - two secret figures (Psst, it's Fipp and Hot Blades) and two SUPER SECRET variant figures (Psst psst, it's Blood-Splattered Lockstock and Swimsuit Hope)

A very nice view from the window of my math class.

I love the fact my laptop has a webcam. I can take pictures of all the random crudcrap that school throws my way.

~ Pirka

Advertising, WTF? Part Two

...welcome to the second installment of the aptly titled series I'd like to call - Advertising, WTF?!

In our first part, we looked over the horror that is Want 2B Square. Now, I will reveal what that was actually advertising with another video clue: this time, another campaign for the same product, but from a different year, that features equal amounts of what-the-hell-itude and a good clean sprinkle of nightmare fuel.

Ok. Poor little Sheeporuuuuu~
...what were these advertising?
Drumroll, please...

The Scion XB and XD model cars by Toyota!

Yes, these two campaigns were both car advertisements. Would you ever have guessed that if I hadn't told you? To be fair, the Little Deviants ad at least shows a car in it...

What made these ad campaigns successful? In the decades past, one of the biggest rules of advertising was to make sure it was clear what you were selling. However, the current method shows that people aren't upset when they have to literally work for the purpose of an ad to come to light - in fact, with the advent of the ARG (Alternate Reality Game), many advertising agencies have decided to apply similar tactics to their campaigns.
Why would you sell a car of all things with disturbing images like peoples' heads being pressed into squares and innocent creatures getting their skin flayed off by midget demons? The Scion brand is especially designed to be edgy - its demographic is the 16 to 26 'rebel teen' market, so their use of shock tactics and their 'screw conformity' attitude is supposed to attract the target market of choice. Granted, I'm in that market and I want to give the Sheeple a hug because I feel their pain...poor little guys, working hard to do right in a world of bone-crunching monsters...I'm making this way too dramatic.

Now, let's move onto an ad campaign that is brilliant rather than scary, but doesn't cease to make you say a resounding WTF?!

Coke Creatures

"Say Yes To Summer" is the cry of the Coca-Cola Company this time of year. I don't even drink Coke - I can't stomach anything carbonated - but I definately agree with the philosophy that adorable, high-budget ads and time off school equals win. I'd buy a bottle of Coke just for that.

The premise of their newest ad, an offshoot of the Happiness Factory series (which features a factory inside of a soft drink vending machine that is operated by minature Seussian creatures), features a man with a rather unusual pipe organ...

...which, faster than you can say 'animatronics still exist!?', opens up to reveal a host of adorable (but slightly Uncanny Valley) 'Coke Creatures' who sing a simple song for the love of summer.

...I want one.

~ Pirka

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Advertising, WTF? Part One

You have now entered another dimension. No, it is not the Twilight Zone. It's...commercials. Yeah, commercials. Today we shall take a look at advertisements and viral campaigns that make you go "What the hell just happened?" rather than "Cool, I want to buy that." ...or, they may simply give you nightmares. Whatever the case, these ads aren't exactly what you'd call normal...

Want 2B Square

The advertising campaign called 'Want 2B Square' is a good example of:
1) Fairly well executed viral marketing.
2) Nightmare fuel from the bowels of hell.

In order to get the full experience, I'm not going to tell you what exactly this campaign is advertising until the end. I also removed the related videos - no cheating, kiddies!

A warning: this may have been shown in movie theatres across North America, but it is also pretty darn disturbing. Do NOT watch this in the dark, or any time you don't have a change of pants nearby.

...ok, I'll give you a second to process that.
...oh, god, where do we start...
A mad scientist giving surgery to a group of people who are put into Saw-esque compactor machines, being fed through tubes of liquid, for the ultimate result of being endowed with cube-shaped heads. The last guy doesn't take to the operation, so they put him back into the machine. It is unclear whether he was so upset because the surgery didn't work or because it was so damn painful he didn't want to go back into there.

So, what was this commercial for? Stay tuned for the next part of Advertising, WTF?

~ Pirka

My first real flash movie

Well, here it is! I hope it doesn't fail too bad.

~ Pirka

Friday, May 8, 2009


All hail the weekend!

~ Pirka

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Friday's Coming Up...

...and Keroro Gunsou's celebrating with a brand new opening! Best one yet.

~ Pirka

Monday, May 4, 2009

Sorry I missed Friday

...I was just so exhausted on Friday that I forgot to do TFIF. Oh well...

There are apparently cherry blossoms in High Park, so I want to go photograph them. I might go tonight to High Park and go on the swings or something, but most likely I'll just sit around and surf the net on my laptop, lawlz.
The picture above was created from a, I don't generally use bases, but this one was just too cute to pass up, so I attempted to make it into something that looks vaguely good. Ironically, I think it might have been EASIER if I had just drawn it all from scratch, lol!
~ Pirka