Thursday, April 2, 2009

April Fools Day Prank Watch

Flights to Mars - Expedia Blog Badge had a great April Fools prank involving round trips to Mars! They even had a hotel named after Stephen Colbert (no doubt a reference to the possible space node named after him).
Here's what I did for April Fools Day:
1) Pranked my Mom by waiting for her to call me down to dinner (we use our phones like an intercom system, so she literally calls me to come downstairs) - then playing 'Foot Doctor' over the phone when she picked it up!
2) I did the same thing to my irl friend, Nick. He was kind of expecting it, though.
3) My Mom pranked me by giving me a book on Japanese slang and saying I had to memorize it. T'was a good laugh!
4) Me and Mom pranked Dad by singing "Never Gonna Give You Up" (aka the Rick Roll) to him when he came home from work! He was Rickroll'd in his own home! Hahahaha...
Hope you had a great April Fools day (and didn't feel like too much of a sucker)...
~ Pirka

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Anonymous said...

Ha ha you and your mum sound like real pranksters!!!!