Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Hello, Joe's Pizza! ...I'm just kidding, it's Dr. Brain!

Look what I found! Someone is doing a video play-thru of a game I used to absolutely obsess over when I was little. The Lost Mind of Dr. Brain! "Joe's Pizza!" Rathbone and all his alternate personalities! This game taught me a few things - notably, the words 'horazontal' and 'vertical' - but more than anything, it taught me to obsess about fictional characters. This is one of the first things I ever had a 'fandom' for. Enjoy a taste of nostalgia with this great animated intro (they don't make em' like they used to)

Friday, April 24, 2009

TFIF Yet Again

No more classes! No more books! No more teachers' dirty looks!

~ Pirka

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Flight of the Pirka

I went to see the Flight of the Conchords live show last night! After waiting for hours outside in the rain, guess who showed up to sign autographs...?

Thanks for coming to Toronto, Bret and Jemaine!

~ Pirka

Friday, April 17, 2009


Keroro wants to remind you, on this wonderful Friday, not to hang out with Al Gore. He learned the hard way.

~ Pirka

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy impending bunny day!

Crow T. Robot wishes you all a happy Easter (and Passover tonight, which I'm celebrating with Jewish!Cousins).
Why Crow? I don't know. Crow makes me happy.

~ Pirka

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

New header!

I made this myself. Please do not steal. If I find out you stole this and claimed it as your own, Giroro will hunt you down. With a laser gun. ;)
Thanks you.
Also, this is some stuff I made up that I'm just posting here for the heck of it! A fictional OVA based on the musical URINETOWN.

Elg I[uCG[ [[Urinetown OVA]]
OP 1 [Episodes 1-12]: "Urinetown" - "Elg": Urinetown OVA (EN with JP Subs, Dub leaves as is)
ED 1 [Episodes 1-9]: "Suteki Mugendai" - "XeL": ("Infinitely Fabulous") MAHO DO (EN Subs in dub)
ED 2 [Episodes 10-12]: "Revolutionary Idiots" - "ホゥ ゥュ゚「ョ": (EN Subs in dub)

Auxilliary ED (Omake Endings/Optional Endings)

"Delta Dawn" - "_ f^": Helen Reddy (EN with JP Subs, Dub leaves as is) Omake ending to episode 105 "Mansion In The Sky". The title is taken from the song, too.

"Cop Song (JP Dub)" - "ッ「ゥ フ 、ス": (Literally "Song of the Officers", Dub plays original EN version) Omake ending to episode 106 "Be Not Afraid". The title of the episode comes from the song "Lullaby For A Stormy Night": Little child/be not afraid/the rain pounds harsh against the glass/like an unwanted stranger/there is no danger/I'm here tonight.

"Smooooch": Kors K/Beatmania IIDX; Omake alternate ending for no particular episode. The song has no lyrics. It is an 'insert' song. Some of the show's eyecatch animations (which, as the narrators point out, are actually unnessisary since the show is on DVD) come from this video. The video that goes with it is actually called 'Candy Kickline', but the song itself is 'Smooooch'.


101 - The First Episode Ever
(We are introduced to most of the characters. See, the title fits pretty darn well! It is also most definately not a Simpsons reference. Welcome to Urinetown, the OVA! Plotwise, runs from "Too Much Exposition" to "Follow Your Heart" in the musical.)

102 - Song of Hope
(Who is this cute girl and where did she come from? We're not talking about Sally, for once. A little bit of school drama, anyone? How does a parody of a school drama sound? Toss in a little fanservice and we're set!)

103 - For Whom the Freedom Bell Tolls
(Bobby Strong and his revolutionaries versus Caldwell B. Cladwell and his executive fury - who will win? My bet's on whoever you like best! Runs from the end of "Follow Your Heart" to the Act One Finale in the musical's plot.)

104 - I've Got an Election
(Everyone is tres busy at UGC headquarters. What's gotten McQueen's panties in a knot? Does Fipp think about anything other than Rio? Which of them does Milennium think is cuter? Will this episode advance the plot in any way? The answer to the last one is 'no'.)

105 - Mansion in the Sky
(Pennywise was quite different in her younger days. Deep inside, does she secretly dream of going back to a time where there was someone to call her 'Usa-chan'? Will this episode spoil a major plot twist that you shouldn't know about until episode 10? Find out.)

106 - Be Not Afraid
(How did Sally and Lockstock meet? Their relationship wasn't always so positive. Learn about one of the turning points in said relationship. ...by the way, I'm still sorry.)

107 - Vengance Avengers
(Over the course of the story, a lot of people die. How are they being mourned from within? I suggest, if you're a man, don't watch this episode. You will be reduced to tears. Trust me on this one.)

108 - We Met At Sunset
(The nighttime is a time for thinking about your plans for tomorrow and reminiscing about the past. It is also widely used for sleeping - and, with sleep comes dreams. Say goodnight to all your friends! Remember to brush your teeth. Don't use any water.)

109 - Ironic Punishment
(What is Urinetown, exactly? Will Bobby start growing a brain? Has the ending finally gone from soundtrack dissonance to just plain crazy (I promise it will change the next episode)? Is that blood on the pavement? Yes, no, yes and yes! Runs from "What Is Urinetown?" to "Why Did I Listen To That Man?" in the musical's plot.)

110 - Tomorrow
(Sad things happen, spoilers are confirmed in canon, and people you have become attached to die. You may cry a few times for all the wrong reasons. There's a bit of blood, but don't worry - I'll cover your eyes. Runs from "Tell Her I Love Her" to the end of the musical's plot [but not the 'epilogue' told by the narrators].)

111 - The End
(It may not come as a surprise that the world gets lost and the world gets wise. So, dot your 't's and cross your 'i's, my dear. That was a Lemon Demon quote [according to Nick, it's incorrect. Sorry, Nick.] that pretty much sums up what happens. In short, epic fail.)

112 - We Lied, This is the End
(Hooray! There's more misery to come! ...plus a few more flashbacks, and - what is this - a flash FORWARD? Will this be a satisfying conclusion the whole family can enjoy? Probably not. Oh well, there's always the omake. Let's watch the special features instead!)
~ Pirka

Friday, April 3, 2009

Underappreciated Book Characters For Other Underappreciated Books - U.A.B.C.F.O.U.B. - plus T.F.I.F.

Here's Hamish X, a character from a series of novels I seem to be the sole fangirl for, reading 101 Ways To Bug Your Parents by Lee Wardlaw, which happens to be from another underappreciated series of novels that one of my very good online friends is similarly attached to.

Hamish X wants you to know that novels don't have to be advertised everywhere to be good. Sometimes the best way to find out about a new series is to just ask people you like!

Enough preachin'. Get readin'!

By the way, it's Friday. Thank Frog!

~ Pirka

Thursday, April 2, 2009

April Fools Day Prank Watch

Flights to Mars - Expedia Blog Badge
Expedia.ca had a great April Fools prank involving round trips to Mars! They even had a hotel named after Stephen Colbert (no doubt a reference to the possible space node named after him).
Here's what I did for April Fools Day:
1) Pranked my Mom by waiting for her to call me down to dinner (we use our phones like an intercom system, so she literally calls me to come downstairs) - then playing 'Foot Doctor' over the phone when she picked it up!
2) I did the same thing to my irl friend, Nick. He was kind of expecting it, though.
3) My Mom pranked me by giving me a book on Japanese slang and saying I had to memorize it. T'was a good laugh!
4) Me and Mom pranked Dad by singing "Never Gonna Give You Up" (aka the Rick Roll) to him when he came home from work! He was Rickroll'd in his own home! Hahahaha...
Hope you had a great April Fools day (and didn't feel like too much of a sucker)...
~ Pirka