Friday, March 6, 2009

TFIF + Cool Things Regarding The Global Market, Only They're Not Boring Because They're Cute and/or Kickass, Part One

Thank Frog It's Friday! Keroro Pic Of The Week...
Note: If you don't have a Japanese language set on your computer, anything in kana will come up as rectangles. There's nothing wrong with your comp, don't worry guys!

Ok, I shall now commence discussion regarding the awesome things mentioned in the title (god, I sound high and mighty for someone whose blog isn't even read, lol...).

First of all, Pretty Cure has actually been dubbed into English!

...ok, leave a pause for fangirl squealing and pants-wetting.

Now, what if I said that, not only is PC in English, it is also being dubbed directly from Toei and being dubbed exclusively for a Canadian audience?
...I'm flipping serious! This is like some kind of crazy fantasy for me. Canada actually having something the USA doesn't have?! This is madness!!
So far, only the first episode has been shown (today was the premiere of Watchmen, something that I wasn't watching due to being too excited about Pretty Cure).

Here are the details, for those who are interested:

- This is old news by now, but Nagisa and Honoka's names were changed to Natalie and Hanna. I wasn't as mad as most fans about this, but it's a little odd...since almost every other character has the same name as the JP version, it makes the two main characters stick out! Isn't that the opposite of what a name change is supposed to do? Just an observation.

- The transformation phrases were kept almost exactly the same. Engrish and all! They made the attack phrase rhyme and added some things to correct the grammar (for instance, instead of just 'Emissary of Light, Cure ____!' they now say 'Emissary of Light, I am Cure ____!'), but that's all they changed.

- The theme song, sadly, was changed (which might be good for my sanity, as it may be the catchiest song of all time). However, this is completely compensated for by the fact that the English theme fits the series perfectly and (I'd never thought I'd be able to say this) all of the original bgm/ost music is untouched! Exact same music in the bg when they're transforming, and even the various characters' leitmotifs are intact. Great job, YTV!

- Mipple and Mepple's voices are absolutely perfect in my opinion. They hit the nail right on the head. Nagisa and Honoka's voices are great, too. The acting is better than most NA dubs but still not perfect emotional depth wise - maybe voice actors here aren't as used to yelling random stuff as Japanese seiyuu, huh?

- Other things left unchanged, much to my excitement: The little intro with the notebook showing the main characters running; the episode titles are almost direct translations thus far; Nagisa's catchphrase, 'arianai' has been translated and kept in as 'I don't believe it!'; so far the levels of changes/things kept is virtually perfect. Please don't screw this up, guys!

Phew, all that writing has made me exhausted! So, tomorrow, stay tuned for the thrilling conclusion...where I look at the phenominon that is...

...プリモプエル, or Primopuel, and why it has become such a phenominon in Japan - as well as possible reasons why it, despite being one of Bandai's most successful brands alongside the Tamagotchi - has never been released overseas.

Love you all!

~ Pirka

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