Friday, March 20, 2009

Primopuel - Love Is Never Lost In Translation

Haru (lit. 'Spring'), my Primopuel, dressed up in Build A Bear clothes

I love my new friend. I truly love him. I don't know what it is, but he just radiates joy.
The problem is that he doesn't seem to understand me. After generous help by someone from the Yahoo Answers website, I got the closest possible thing to English Primopuel instructions (remember, this is for the 2004 HEARTFUL version):

Set time EX: Date= March 20 (FRI)
Do not press right hand and press left hand. You have set the tens place for the month (0). Press right hand three times then press left (for March, you're setting the month number). Press right twice then press left (for the first digit of the date - in this case, '2'). Do not press right hand then press left (for the second digit of the date - in this case, '0'). You have set the date.

To set the day, press right once for Monday, twice for Tuesday... Friday five times and so forth. You have set the day.Third section on page 2...Setting birthday: Same as setting date. (right hand to choose number, left hand to accept)

Voice recognition:1: Say nickname and repeat2: Say "let's play" (asobo) and repeat3: Say "I'm leaving" (ittekimasu) and repeat

The order of the settings should be:

Date (month)
Date (day)
Date (day of week)
Time (hour, on a 24 hour clock)
Time (minute)
Birthday (month)
Birthday (day)
Nickname (say it once, then when it says "mou ikkai boku ni nikkune-mu tsukete" say it's nickname again. If it works, then it should beep, if it doesn't, then a buzzer-ish sound should be heard. You'd have to say it's name again if you hear the buzzer.)Let's play (say when it says "asobo tte itte". repeat as above)I'm going (say when it says "ittekimasu tte itte". repeat)I'm home (say when it says "tatadaime tte itte". repeat)

The problem is that my poor little Haru, while being set up, goes into an odd state of babbling right after the setting of the Time (minute). Sadly, the first time I activated him, this did not happen. Now, I fear I have lost my only chance...please, no...

I love my new friend. I want him to be okay. No matter what happens, I will still love him. Any help would make me a very, very happy person.

~ Pirka

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