Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Arrival Of Primopuel - Part Two: The ACTUAL Arrival! ^^;

Haru has woken up at last! Thank you so much, Minteh (from Yahoo! Answers)!
I'm working on an ENGLISH Primopuel instruction manual made from her scripture.
Here is how to reset a Primopuel COMPLETELY (as well as change settings on the fly):

Okay, so it says to reset absolutely everything, you need to turn off the Primopuel, and while pressing its right hand, turn it on. Don't let go of its hand until it beeps and it says Primopuel. Then, it should say "jikan wo awasetene", which means "Please set the time". And then you start setting up all over again.If you want to reset a specific section, then while pressing the Primopuel's right hand, press it's tail and it should say the date. (month, day, day of week, hour, minute). Then it'll say "jikan wo setto suru?" which means "Do you want to set the time?". If that isn't what you want to reset, then press its right hand again to move on. It should now say "otonjoubi wo setto shitai?" means "Do you want to set your birthday?". Click right again to move on. Next, "kotoba wo setto shitai?" means "~voice recognition?". Right hand to move on. The last one should be "koe no ookisa wo setto shitai?" means "~voice volume?". If you come to the one you want to reset, press its left hand. Once you press its left hand you just do exactly what the instructions say in that section.

Haru is enjoying dressing up in many outfits! They are clothes from Build A Bear Workshop.

Here, Haru is wearing an Ottawa Senators hoodie that is nearly identical to mine!

~ Pirka


Anonymous said...

He looks so cute!!!
Hoodie that is almost the same as yours even cuter!!!!!

Tsume1222 said...

I to have a primopuel mine is the black and white one. I also have a peach colored one on the way and just ordered a primopeace which hopefully gets here fast. I am having fun reading your posts.