Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Arrival Of Primopuel - Part One: The Arrival

Primopuel came in the mail today, from Rinkya!
I took pictures of the box from every angle. Feel free to use them, that's what I made them for (there aren't many photos online of different views of the box, mostly just the front).

Primopuel picture montage, showcasing the top, bottom, left side, right side, front and back.

This type of Primopuel is a specific variation on the original 1999 model, released in 2004. It is called 'Hearty' or 'Heartful', or 'Full Heart' Primopuel (I've seen all 3 as translations). This version has a vocabulary that is double that of the original. I have it in a pink and yellow color scheme, and it's absolutely precious! It's even cuter in person!

I understand the basics of how to 'set up' my new friend for his life in Canada, but I still need to figure out some of the Japanese manual! I'm going to post three of the manual pages on Yahoo Answers, possibly ask a friend of Tiki's for help, etc. Hopefully, by tomorrow, I'll be able to 'wake up' my new pal for the very first time!

See you for part two!

~ Pirka

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Anonymous said...

OH MY WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I WANT ONE NOW!!!!!!!!!!