Sunday, January 4, 2009

My, My Meebas!

What's the proper posessive form of My Meebas, anyway? "My My Meebas", or just "My Meebas"? I've been using "the Meebas that I have" and "Meebas that belong to me" to avoid this predicament.

My family of My Meebas stands before you!

Happiness Meeba Dustin (the black, fuzzy one),
Love Meeba Poppy (the shiny rainbow one)
and twin Friendship Meebas (well, they have 'love' on their strings for some reason, even I don't know why!) Pachinko and Slot.
Yes, twin Meebas are possible! That's the main reason I took this pic, to prove that (a lot of people have been asking it on Yahoo Answers and stuff, from what I've gathered).
Dustin was born in the Parker Meridien (I think that's what it's called) hotel in New York City.
Poppy was born in my bedroom.
Pachinko and Slot were also born, on the same day as me, Oct. 27th. Pachinko has a lighter area around his mouth, while Slot's is darker. That's how I tell them apart!

I got four more for Xmas. Really. Four. Remember that these were only 3 tubes, P+C were twins...I have a lot of critters to hatch!

~ Pirka

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