Wednesday, January 14, 2009


One of the things that has fascinated me the most about modern Japanese culture is their differences in censorship, and, to a further extent, what things are considered acceptable...well, I'm not going to put it bluntly - objects of sexual attraction.

From the kinds of things people seem to be attracted to, every person in Japan is a pedophile.

...however, there, it isn't that way. They see things differently in good ole' Nippon, and, as always, they cater to every niche market, including shotacon and lolicon - the affection of children or childlike characters in anime, manga, etc.

So, why am I talking about this? I realize, after all these years, that it's rubbed off on me.
Rest assured, I've never been sexually attracted to an anime character (but, in all honesty, I've never been sexually attracted to anything). But cute shota boys are something I admittedly love to bits. Moe, innocent, cute girls (like the one above) encompass the wish of every nerd - to be just like one of them.
This is making me feel uncomfortable. It's just like how everyone assumes a furry is sexually attracted to anthropomorphic animals. If I were to say that I like shotacon and lolicon media, people would instantly think the same of me. I know a lot of furries, and they hate being assumed as kinky or being anything related to sex. Less than one percent of them are. Still, in my mind, as I'm sure others can see, I'm afraid as being taken to be the one percent.

I watch Lucky Star. Does that automatically mean I look at Lucky Star porn? It's Rule 34 of the internet, people! There's porn of everything. That would be like saying everyone who likes The Simpsons looks at Simpsons porn. For some reason, people see otakus as perverts automatically.

I am, rest assured, not a pervert. I never will be.
I just think anime kids are cute. Who doesn't?

~ Pirka

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