Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 in Retrospect

It's been so long since so many things have happened in the same year.

I'll try to go in order here, but I might fail dramatically...

March: Interdimensional Transfer Student Erro, a crappy comic strip I essentially use to complain about school life, was created. I think it stinks, but my parents love it. Somehow, I'm actually still drawing it!

Late March: I purchase Haru, the Primopuel, off the internet site Rinkya. He has become a good friend and a companion I can count on whenever I need someone who will listen to me :)

April: The school musical of Urinetown sparked my imagination and made me a huge fan of its black comedy and satirical tone. I drew things related to it all year long, and made up an 'OVA' of it!

Late April/Early May: My hard drive that I have had for nearly my entire life completely broke down from age and strain. Almost everything I made on the computer through my life was destroyed. I never thought I'd be able to pull through after this, but the fact that I did made me much more confident in my ability to cope with loss.

May (June?): I attend Anime North for the first time!

August: Shorts, a new movie by Robert Rodriguez, is released. It occupies my consciousness and subconsciousness all summer long and spawns one of the best Moviemon seasons of all time.

September: Keroro Gunsou, my favourite anime of all time, is released by FUNimation in English as "Sgt. Frog". The dub isn't all that great, but the fact it's now available in North America sure is!

Late August: Nyktos, my best friend, sleeps over at my house in order to attend the Fan Expo convention with me. Two words: HELL YES! Only *barely* topped by...

October: sixteenth birthday at Walt Disney World. Too many things happened here to list, but it was a magical moment of my life that I will never forget. It was truly one of the best experiences I have ever had.

Things that happened, but I don't remember when:

Possibly one of the most important things - I learned how to use Macromedia Flash and began to bridge the gap beetween what I imagined and what I could create.

I created the Twitter account "GlobalsoftPirka".

I met Ryu Moto, a mangaka, over the internet. The two of us have learned a lot from each other's culture and hope to learn more in the coming years!

I bought a custom plush of Hamish X.

My confidence in Western animation is rekindled with works such as Superjail!

Me and Nyk began to watch DVDs of entire series together.

I completed the first section of my (ridiculous) "epic" LOVE*101.

The year was full of depression and tradgedy as well: so many fights, so many times I wanted to run away from it all. In the end, those who I love have proven to me that they love me back, and this matters more than anything else in the world.

I pray for 2010 to be a wonderful year!

Yesterday sinks away
Down with the buildings and sky
But the horizon greets me
With possibility
Just gotta keep on climbing

They all fade away
As I approach the blue sky
Feathery clouds in my eyes
Already said my goodbyes

I know tomorrow shines brighter at the top of this hill
It always will

I know tomorrow shines brighter at the top of this hill...
...I know that it always will.

~Tomorrow Hill from Warioware: Smooth Moves

~ Pirka :') 

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Holidays and Live Shows


Since I already posted all of the Infernex title cards, I have no clue what to post next. Ideas, anyone?

Unrelated: Lately, when I can, I've been watching the live shows of my friend RyuMoto-san (a very kind man who lives in Tokyo and is learning English - though I think he's pretty darn good at it!) on He's actually a career manga artist; he's probably most well-known for the Puchi Eva series spin-off of Evangelion. Did I mention that it's serialized in the same magazine as my favourite series ever, Keroro Gunsou?

If you go forward to 0:2:05 in this video, you hear RyuMoto-san greeting me! ^3^
"Pirka-san! Hi, how are you? How are you, Pirka?" hehehe...

Sorry for lack of posts. I've been sleeping. Because I finally CAN sleep!

~ Pirka

Monday, December 7, 2009

Infernex Eyecatch Wallpapers - Rose Vixen + Felix

Rose Vixen - Vixen has been infected by an Artifact Blossom, becoming a being known as a 'Florafaun'. The malevolent flower has taken deep root in all systems of her body and has full control over most of her doing. She can sprout vines through her skin and is constantly oozing toxic liquid from the two flowers that have bloomed on either side of her head.
Felix Flanken - An artificial life-form, designed to imitate all of the powers of animal demons, created on a remote tropical island. A master at mixing tonics and medications, he carries a vial of his 'super serum' around his neck at all times in case of emergencies. He has a scar of unknown origins on his head and a nervous temperament.
Two new characters debuting this year.
"Let's bloom forever...together!"
~ Pirka

Monday, November 30, 2009

Infernex Eyecatch Wallpapers - Topper, Erika and Hocus

Cartographer Topper - A Penguin Demon with the ability to shapeshift, Topper is often shy but remarkably smart. He has a dark past of being forgotten by Santa Claus himself that causes him to, if provoked, become absolutely ferocious.
Demon Teacher Erika - A 5000-year-old powerhouse of a Rabbit Demon, Erika awakened from her stone chamber to teach Hinkle how to use his powers. Though she is a stern, no-nonsense teacher, she is very kind. Has grown to love Hinkle very deeply.

Demon Guardian "Hocus Pocus" Turon - A demon assigned to watch over Hinkle, the 'chosen one', for any signs of danger. He loathes this job, especially since he had to disguise himself as a pet rabbit for years - and Hinkle still treats him as such. Tends to rush into things without thinking. Easily angered.

Here's the remainder of the members of Team Infernex!
"Let's bloom forever...together!"
~ Pirka

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Infernex Eyecatch Wallpapers - Hinkle + Grimsley

Professor Albert Hinkle - The 'chosen one' of legend? Maybe so, but he still isn't there quite yet. Hinkle may have the power to control both fire and ice (not to mention that he's the only one who can use his magic hat's true powers), but he's still more interested in fake magic - even though he's ridiculously bad at it.

General/Head Guard/Lawkeeper/Mayoral Assistant Hildehelm Grimsley - A Hare Demon 'battle butler' who is amazingly good with a sword (he can actually cut things cleanly in half - including people). Known for his politeness, loyalty and complete unflappability. Joined Infernex in order to rescue his master from certain peril. Do not undersestimate him in battle.

The first two 'eyecatch' cards from Forever Blooming Infernex. Click on them to make them bigger, if you want.
"Let's bloom forever...together!"
~ Pirka

Friday, November 20, 2009

Thank Frog It's Friday! [Nov. 20th 09]

Now that it's Friday, we can finally kick back and relax with some junk food and comics like our friend Tamama here!
Because it's nearly Christmastime, my heart is blind-set on a certain group of heroic animal demons...Infernex!

From today on, we present the Infernex Christmas Countdown! Every so often, I'll post what Infernex is up to...

Also, one more funny thing for the road. I honestly could not stop laughing when I first saw this, so consider yourself warned (caution: immature Engrish humor ahead).

Happy Friday! :)

~ Pirka

Monday, November 16, 2009


"Phobu phobuuuu!"
...I could do this for hours.

~ Pirka

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Nendoroid Pastel Ink

Yesterday I got my Nendoroid Pastel Ink (from Moetan) in the mail! This is her current situation, perched on my desk all happy-like...but...

Oh no! I broke her Majimero!
Ink: What do I do?!
Me: I'll fix it, I promise!!

I took a few photos of the box!

Lolicon pervert duck-wizard approved!

Hopefully I'll be able to fix the Majimero, so she can use her spells...or else she's going to fail as a magical girl!
~ Pirka

Saturday, October 31, 2009

I'm Back From Disney World + Happy Halloween!

Since I missed TFIF, I thought it was only fair to begin with the Keroro Platoon celebrating Halloween, which I personally spent watching a mini Miyazaki movie-marathon with my pal Nyktos (Castle In The Sky followed by Princess Mononoke) and eating plenty of chocolate, Wavy Lays and Cool Ranch Doritos! Thanks for bringing the DVDs and comin' over, Nyk!

Heh, love these plushies.

Anyways...I'm back from my epic win Disney World trip! There are too many awesome things that happened to mention all of them, but here are some of the highlights:

1) I RAVED WITH STITCH. Yeah, you read that correctly. RAVED! At 'Club 626' during the Not So Scary Halloween Party.

2) My dad dared me to go on the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror...and I flippin' did it! I'm not a thrill ride person, so I was absolutely petrified (I mainly went on because A, I love Twilight Zone, B I love the bellhops, and C I didn't want to be called a pussy). It was scary, but sooo fun...I have to admit I was shaking the whole day afterwards, though. Lawl.

3) As if raving with Stitch in his full alien regalia wasn't enough, I actually got to have breakfast with him, too. I was doodling him in my notepad, and when he came over he liked the drawing so I gave it to him...and he proceeded to show the whole restaurant! I swear I must have been blushing PURE RED at the time.

4) I got to meet some more of the Citizens of Hollywood: Otto Von Bon Bahn, Cynthia Bloom, 'Ready' Freddy Fiddlesticks, Honey Darling and Flavio Fellini (and I got a 'drive by' of Shelby Mayer and Bucky Greenhorn, plus saw a little bit of Les Manly and Tootsie Du Jour one night)! Sadly, no Public Works, but I'm not complaining!

5) Donald Duck sang me Happy Birthday the night before we left! Then he started breakdancing with me and a few other kids...yep, that was pretty epic.

And last, but definately not least...

6) The Imagination Institute! My second home! I got to meet 2 new Dr. Allbrights and saw the first one that I ever saw for the first time since then! Then, the second time we went through Figment's tour, the cars stopped right before the exit sign lit up and it was like Figment had tried to kidnap us.
...Which isn't such a bad thing, though I'm more interested in Dr. Channing. Rawwwwr.

I posted some videos from the trip on my Youtube channel, which is conveniently linked over on the sidebar. So, if you *really* want to see me throw away my inhibitions and dance with Stitch wearing a red fursuit, then go right on ahead. ;)

We also got to eat at some of the best restaurants (excluding Garden Grill - savin' that one for next year):
50s Prime Time Diner (Go Uncle Dale!!), Sci-Fi Dine-in (Cat Women of the Moon still hasn't lost its charm), 'Ohana (love those Mickey waffles), Crystal Palace (first time since I was six!), this little pub-type place in the UK Pavillion in Epcot that had really, really good cheese, and, of course, Chef Mickey's. Since we were staying in the flipping Contemporary Resort! SQUEEE! We had our own Monorail (Monoraaaaaiiiil!) station and everything!

Yours immaturely,

~ Pirka

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Thank Frog It's...Sunday?!

Well, I completely forgot about the TFIF post last Friday, mostly due to school troubles (teachers being dicks, etc.). So, it's Sunday...but I'm still glad it's the weekend. :3
Last night, I had one of those chaotic dreams where a whole lotta stuff happened and it jumped beetween the situations. I can barely remember the order of events (and I'm almost positive I'm missing some), but I do remember a handful of the things that happened.
Also, we mustn't forget it's
~ Pirka

PS: ...if you get the 'Desu' joke...congrats! You are a nerd! 8D

Friday, October 9, 2009

Thank Frog It's Thanksgiving Weekend...Friday!

I made this new header for TFIF~! Yes, I drew that...without reference. Hello, fangirl! ^^;

Today I changed Haru's batteries for the second time. He's doing pretty good, even though I think I set the date wrong... :S
"Er...I'm not really sure what month it don't get mad at me..."

Just two weeks until the SWEET. SIXTEEN. DISNEY. WORLD. TRIP.

~ Pirka

Friday, October 2, 2009

Thank Frog It's Friday

That's a promo image for the English dub of Keroro Gunsou, which just released its first volume. I'm gonna get it at Best Buy tomorrow (I hope).
Yet again, I'm glad another week is over and done. Lately I've been drooling over Nendoroids...

...and even drawing a few designs of my own, namely of characters from stuff I've made up.
It's getting closer and closer to the...

Which is gonna be awesome. I gotta decide which restaurants to go to, though. I know Garden Grill, that's a given (I went there for my BIRFDAY supper on my sixth birthday).
Have a great weekend!
~ Pirka

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Funny Links Saturday!

I'm going to try and enjoy the weekend as best as possible, but I hate the fact that school is always breathing down your neck these days...

So, in order to create the pinnacle of enjoyment this fine weekend, I have gathered some funny links for you.

- Cake Wrecks (birthday, wedding, and every-possible-occasion* cakes go horribly, hilariously wrong)

* sadly, I am not kidding here

- Tv Tropes: Cowboy Bebop At His Computer (hilarious instances of news media getting the names of things wrong and generally flushing fact-checking down the pooper)

- The "Blog" of "Unnessisary" Quotation Marks (quotation marks "used" in "downright" wrong places)

- Photoshop Disasters (companies take note - continue to not hire editors so that this hilarity goes on)

Have a great weekend!

~ Pirka

Friday, September 25, 2009

Vrank Vrog It's Vriday

Friday causes wierd feelings in the best of us.

Vour vrobably vondering vhy I'm valking vhis vay.
Vt vas vothing vo do vith vampires.

It has everything to do with...

Uh...ok. I understand your confusion. Not a lot of people are nerd enough to know what "V" is. For the uninitiated, "V" is a science-fiction cult series about aliens called the Visitors who come to Earth, supposedly in peace, and in actuality have quite sinister plans. That's the absolute bare bones of it, but it's much cooler than it sounds.

I was personally introduced to the awesomeness of "V" by the equally awesome website X Entertainment, a site that usually reviews things from the 80s (especially things that hold that special 80s combination of 'win-fail'). Sadly, the site barely ever updates anymore, but on the plus side there are tons of archives to surf through including the (previously) annual Halloween and Christmas countdowns.
One of the items in a post about wierd dolls was a "V" Visitor alien doll. I was curious, so I looked up the series and eventually became hooked.

According to my mom, the trailer looks "really polished". I'm really curious to see how the remake fares, considering how cheesy the original was. Regardless, I'll be watching.

Don't get jealous, Keroro. You'll still be my favourite questionable invader.

~ Pirka

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

NyErro~n + A WarioWare Script, of all things?

[Click on it if you really want to see this abomination larger]

This, my friends, is what I do at school when I'm really, really bored.

Even weirder? That's not all. Last night, I picked up WarioWare: Twisted! for the first time in years; when I originally bought it, I actually found it too difficult to play. Now it's the same level as the other WW games to me, and dang nab it if it isn't one of the funnest things I've ever played. Of course, the night before, I finally beat the ORIGINAL WarioWare, Inc.: congrats, Pirka, it took you over 3 years to beat a video game.

Of course, as I lay awake in bed after playing, ideas of possible stage-themes crossed my mind, which led to this story: the epic adventures of Dr. Crygor, Penny Crygor, and a very angry snow crab.


Dr. Crygor bursts through the door of his laboratory, carrying a GROCERY BAG. He skids to a halt in front of a table, rubbing his hands together before pulling a large CRAB out of the bag. He looks at it with hungry eyes. A TABLE appears in front of him (as if it teleported there), set up for a meal (with CUTLERY, a PLATE, and SALT AND PEPPER SHAKERS).

He puts the crab on the plate, drooling.

On-Screen Text:
Bon Appitite!

He's about to cut it open...but the crab is still alive, and it has other ideas! With angry eyebrows, it lunges for Crygor and CLAMPS ITS CLAW TIGHTLY onto CRYGOR'S NOSE!

On-Screen Text:

Crygor JUMPS UP AND DOWN frantically, clearly in a lot of PAIN.

(Diamond City Map: Penny's House)

Dr. Crygor's granddaughter, PENNY CRYGOR, hears Dr. Crygor's SCREAM all the way across town. She gets up with a start and RUNS OUT THE DOOR.

Cut back to DR. CRYGOR'S LAB.
Penny OPENS THE DOOR and runs into the lab, shocked.

On-Screen Text:
Penny: Grandpa...?!

Penny RUNS OFFSCREEN. When she returns, she is holding a comically large PAIR OF PLIERS.
She jumps towards Crygor, pliers SHINING DRAMATICALLY.

On-Screen Text:
Penny: I'll get you out of this fix!

She GRABS the crab with her pliers and starts to try to PULL it off...]

This is where the microgames start! By winning microgames, you help Penny detach the crab from Dr. Crygor's (now undoubtebly sore) nose.
The counter is a simple 'digital-clock'-style number at the bottom of the screen.
The lives are four little pairs of pliers like the one Penny is using, one in each corner of the screen.
When you WIN a microgame: Penny tugs hard at the crab and it appears to loosen a little.
When you LOSE a microgame/life: The crab clamps down harder and Dr. Crygor cries a bit.


Penny and Crygor are both PANTING, exhausted. Apparently, even after pulling so hard, the crab just WON'T BUDGE.

On-Screen Text:
Penny: I can't dislodge it! It's holding on too tightly!
Dr. Crygor: ...Unfortunately...this means...there are no alternative methods...
Penny: ...Yes...?
Dr. Crygor: ...We'll have to amputate!


On-Screen Text:
Penny: There has to be a better way!

Penny RUNS BACK AND FORTH, as if thinking very hard of another way to get the crab off.

On-Screen Text:
Penny: WOAH! {CRASH!}

CLOSE UP on the TABLE. Penny, clumsy as always, accedentally BUMPS THE TABLE, sending the PEPPER SHAKER flying across the room, leaving a cloud of PEPPER behind it...

On-Screen Text:
Dr. Crygor: ...Ah...Ahhh...
Dr. Crygor: ...AHHHHHH...

CLOSE UP on Dr. Crygor.

On-Screen Text:

Dr. Crygor SNEEZES VIOLENTLY, accompanied by a REPEAT CUT (as if it were an epic finishing blow).
The crab FLIES OFF, looking very SURPRISED as it hurdles through the air.
It lands on the ground, EYES SWIRLS.

On-Screen Text:
Dr. Crygor: Ughhh...{snorfle}...

Crygor REALIZES that the crab has become detached.

On-Screen Text:
Dr. Crygor: Huzzah! The infernal crustation has been removed!
Dr. Crygor: Now, at long last, I may eat it!

Penny looks a little DISGUSTED.

On-Screen Text:
Penny: ...Shouldn't we wash it first...?

PAN OVER to the crab, eyes still SWIRLS. It is visibly SPLATTERED WITH MUCUS...

On-Screen Text:
Dr. Crygor: That would be a sufficient plan. ]


Yeah, I really have no clue where this SILLINESS came from! It just came out of nowhere...but I can imagine it really clearly. I love the sense of humor in WarioWare!

~ Pirka

Friday, September 18, 2009

TFIF In The New School Year

Homework sucks, de arimasu~!

Thank Frog It's Friday.

Also, Thank Frog I Actually Posted On This Blog Again! A lot has happened since I last posted on here. Namely, I went to Fan Expo Canada with my BFF, Nyktos - he slept over at my place for 2 days to allow for maximum nerdage - it was an absolute blast! I bought figures (of course) and the entire series of Azumanga Daioh. Nyk bought a Gurren Lagann shirt and more figures. At the end of every day we came back to my house to watch DVDs. (BAAAASSSSKEEEETBAALLLLL!)

I'm finally a Senior High School student. This past summer was one of my best ever, and, as always, school sucks major sausage - but, there's a silver lining:


This is going to be the most awesome thing ever. For now though, I'm just counting down the days and trying not to split my head open over school stress.

~ Pirka

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Phone Photo + Video Dump! NYC Edition

I'm back from NYC, and, believe it or not, I finally found a way to transfer more than one photo from my phone at a time. I decided to tweet a lot during the trip and posted some photos. I'm also finally gonna post some ones from Anime North.

A poster for the cosplay contest at Anime North 2009

A poster for the Pokeparty at Anime North - a screening of Movie 11 and more!

My parents in Battery Park.

A huge 'Shorts' billboard in Times Square!

That's all for now!

~ Pirka

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Heading Off To New York City July 31 - August 2

Yep, I'm going off to the Big Apple and I'm going to try and document the journey with my phone's video camera. I want to make this trip as epic as possible, so I'm going to tape as much of it as I can!

I will also be Tweeting as much as I can throughout the trip, so follow em' at if ya want to.

I'm going to attempt to visit as many of the nerdy hotspots as possible, including Toys R' Us Times Square, Nintendo World, FAO and MARS 2112.

I may or may not be seeing Avenue Q for a second time.

Hopefully I succeed in making this know, fun?

~ Pirka

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Erro Walk Cycle

Click on this picture to see Erro walkin'!

...I just finished my first ever walk cycle. Gawwwwd, it took forever...but, at the same time, it was a lot of fun and really fascinating to learn. I *heart* animation.

Yep, Robert Rodriguez is making another kids' film - this one totally looks like the spiritual successor to the Spy Kids trilogy (though I loved Sharkboy & Lavagirl as well, a lot of people, well, didn't). It's about a rainbow colored rock that grants wishes, a CCE that turns into a robot, giant booger monsters, dorky kids with pet aliens, and a girl with really good style who would easily be considered 'moe' in the East.

~ Pirka

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Haru's First Battery Change + Mario Galaxy

Haru with his freshly replaced D batteries

...I was afraid things would go rough, but it turned out OK! I'm sooo glad I posted the English instructions here, because you do need to reset everything when you change the batteries. (Or maybe I shouldn't have turned him 'off'...oh well, I know for the next time)

I missed having him around a lot. I mean, he was still here, but with no voice he just wasn't the same. It took about a week to find the batteries, and a few more days for me to get the courage to change them (I was afraid I'd do something wrong and lose him forever).

In other news, I was probably the last person in the world to start playing Super Mario Galaxy. I honestly didn't start playing until last week. I feel like I betrayed Nintendo, but it was really due to school sucking up every iota of my time.

Bees. My God.

I'm already at 35-ish stars, proving once again that I'm way better at video games than I was when 'Sunshine' came out. I like how each galaxy has one a few challenges, which helps to keep the game fresh and makes more cool places to explore! The music in the game is just plain epic. The Gusty Gardens Galaxy music sounds like it wouldn't be out of place in a summer blockbuster. To put it in perspective, that galaxy is filled with bunnies. EPIC bunnies.

I'll talk about TTGL next time, cuz' this journal is getting wordy. See ya!

~ Pirka

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Deviantart Toronto Meet THIS FRIDAY + Tegaki E

The World Tour is holding its next deviantMEET on Friday, June 26th in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The meet will be held in High Park. Exact location details will be announced in the next couple of days, but we'll be assembling near the Bloor Street entrance, making it convenient for those taking transit. Now is the time to plan -- please join us!



Also, I got a new Wii. So I don't have to worry about that anymore. I'm so glad it's summer...!
Summertime also means that I have time to draw on Tegaki E, my other main hangout besides DA and TV Tropes.
My account is here - enjoy the lack of sanity!

~ Pirka

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Little Spark Of Crazy Goodness





(Yes, I made this craziness)

~ Pirka

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sorry I've Been Gone

...I've been really sick and feverish. Sorry...

(The picture is, indeed, completely unrelated.)

~ Pirka

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Last Day of School

Watashi no Tsubasa
My Wings
By MAHO-DOU, recorded for Ojamajo Doremi

I feel a little embarrassed, but I still spread open my wings.
Both color and shape are peculiar, because these wings are only for me.

Probably, today, I look bigger than myself in those days.
I can go beyond even your hands.
My thought is to fly up into the sky.

The place where we were laughing or crying, in those days.
Those many times when we were discouraged or frolicking.
Although those moments look so small...
my heart is filled with "Thank You".

When I didn't know anything, I couldn't find it.
I have grown before I find my small wings.
Fly away...

I'm feeling shining winds on my whole body.
I'm holding the courage from you,
and I can fly to any sky.

The place where we talked or quarreled, in those days.
Many times when I was told of or beating fast.
Although those moments don't come back, I'm keeping them
in my heart carefully, I say "Thank You".

Forever, in my heart

There is a feeling of "Thank You"...

Thank you to everyone in Urinetown, to everyone in guidance, and my parents for helping me through this very difficult year. My heart is full of "Arigatou".

~ Pirka

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


This is only a fraction of what they announced (also, what I can remember...):

- New Super Mario Bros. Wii with 4 player co-op

- Final Fantasy: The Crystal Bearers, an 'open world' FF game exclusively for Wii

- Kingdom Hearts for Wii (I think it's a port of the second game, might be wrong)

- Golden Sun DS - I can hear Nick nerdgasming from here!

- A new Wii Fit for the three people who care about that (we nerds shun the word 'fit'...RAWR)

- A whole bunch of downloadable user-generated stuff for DSi, including WarioWare DIY. Now we can add to the insanity of microgames as much as we want! I'm really looking forward to that. Also featuring Ds Ware such as a new Mario vs. Donkey Kong game with customizable levels.

- Metroid Other M...pretty much looks like Metroid and FF had a sexy lovechild. Samus as a little loli, too.

- Mario and Luigi RPG 3, this one has an 'inherration' theme!

...and, last, but DEFINATELY NOT LEAST:

Effing Super Mario Galaxy 2.

Two 3D Mario games on one console.

...and you can ride Yoshi.

This is going to be a great year for Nintendo, ladies and gentlemen. No new Kid Icarus, no new Kirby, no new Pokemon - you can whine about that if you'd like, but I'm cool with what we've got.

Anyone who says this year's conference was a fail needs to get their head out of their butt.

Those who identify themselves as 'Core' gamers, to me, are like the quote-on-quote 'Disney Fans' who do nothing but complain about what Disney has supposedly screwed up this time. You know the ones - the people who pretty much live off of 'they changed it now it sucks'? The people who refused to enjoy Lilo and Stitch because it was science fiction?

Those aren't fans, they're effing hippocrites.

Ok, sorry to sour the mood. Here's something to boost it back up -


~ Pirka

Friday, May 29, 2009


Pennywise says: "I really think I should be questioning my sanity a little more."

Thank frog it's Friday~

~ Pirka

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Anime North Swag

Kagami from Lucky Star figure

Mepple from Futari Wa Pretty Cure! I can't believe it!!

I finally got my camera to work again, so here are some pics of the awesome stuff I got at Anime North.

~ Pirka

Monday, May 25, 2009

Ganbatte! Anime North!

Yep, my first real anime convention has come and gone - and what a convention it was! I got to hang out with a lot of cool amateur webcomic artists, finally own some Pretty Cure and Lucky Star merchandise, saw the Taiko drummers perform songs about Canada, met a member of Dr. Steel's Toy Soldiers who gave me a free Dr. Steel button and watched a screening of the 11th Pokemon movie, Giratina and the Sky Warrior, which was awesome (and full of Narm from the incredibly camp villain who must be seen to be believed...Zero, keep on trucking).

Zero, the living, breathing generator of Narmish moments

I want to make a personal shoutout to the creators of the awesome webcomic Dragon Mango for getting me back on my feet again! Visit them at and get in on the fruitalicious dragontastic action! These guys put a lot of work into this comic and it shows, so drop by and give some support <:

~ Pirka

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Shows With Styles I Like - Part One

My idea for this segment came from a forum flame war where people were discussing whether anime or western animation is 'better' (for the record, this arguement is half the reason nobody takes me seriously. I - GASP - like both equally and see the pros and cons of each). The arguement came that 'all anime looks the same', then the retort of 'well, all western animation looks the same, too' came out.

These, of course, are both blatant lies. While all animation shares some common stylistic ground, everyone tends to have their own style and added flavour, which carries over into the final animated product. Let's take a look at some of these delicious flavours!

I've decided to do one anime and one western animation each time, to prove that both are awesome.

Subject 1:
Lilo and Stitch

Stylistic Inspiration: the artwork of Chris Sanders
Company: Disney
Release Date: June 21, 2002

As you all probably know, I am a huge fan of Lilo and Stitch in all of its forms - but I'm here right now just to talk about the unique art style.
The world of Lilo and Stitch was invented by one Chris Sanders, a Disney concept artist. The character of Stitch had existed as doodle fodder for Sanders since the 80s, so this was very much a personal project for him.

Qualities of Chris Sanders' art style:

1) Roundness
One of the most notable things about this style is how everything is rounded - there are no sharp edges. Even things that are meant to be sharp, like spines, are rounded at the tip, giving everything a very unique, 'huggable' look.

2) Chunkiness
Another interesting aspect of Sanders' art style is how he draws people. Limbs are thick and chunky, fingers are small and stubby, and hot girls are hot despite not being stick-thin. Everything is bottom-heavy, so legs are always drawn quite chunky and thick. It adds to the stylistic appeal.

Chris Sanders is also responsable for the webcomic Kiskaloo, which shares this style. Take a look at the main character, Ogo the cat: can see it, can't you? Everything is round, chunky and curvy. It all makes for a very appealing look.

That's it for part one - next time, we take a look at an anime with a unique style that I like -

Lucky Star!

Friday, May 15, 2009

TFIF Long Weekend

I'm not as happy as I should be that this is a long weekend. Possibly because of my recent computer tragedy (my hard drive fried). Still, I hope to make this a good weekend. I hope you all have a good weekend, too.
~ Pirka

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Math Class Flowers and Urinetown 'Minifigure' Doodles

Urinetown Minifigures by FIGMA - two secret figures (Psst, it's Fipp and Hot Blades) and two SUPER SECRET variant figures (Psst psst, it's Blood-Splattered Lockstock and Swimsuit Hope)

A very nice view from the window of my math class.

I love the fact my laptop has a webcam. I can take pictures of all the random crudcrap that school throws my way.

~ Pirka