Friday, December 12, 2008

Thank Frog It's Friday

"Beeelieeeeve it!"

I had kind of a bad day though. Yet another instance where I get mad and it's totally blown out of proportion...oh well. At least (insert name of teacher here) didn't sock me today.

Also, 'Thank Frog It's Friday' is totally making fun of the number of 'frog' puns in the possible Keroro dub. Brrr. It's Mr. Freeze and 'ice' all over again. I do kind of like the 'frog-forsaken planet' line, though, hence the title.

I'm glad it's the weekend. One week left before Christmas break officially begins. Excuse to watch more Xmas specials.

Speaking of Xmas specials, A Miser Brothers Christmas shows on TV Sunday (or possibly Saturday, gotta check again if we get ABC). Both looking forward to and dreading this one.

Here's a pic of Snow Miser, just because.

~ Pirka

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