Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Scarred for life, no pun intended

We're doing workplace safety in careers class right about now. Given that I live in Toronto, Ontario, the class was subject to an unavoidable discussion. We quickly faded from workplace safety in general to a discussion about the infamous 'Prevent It .ca' commercials that aired in Canada and have spread quite far over the internet due to the fact that they are...well...
...scary as bloody hell.

(I have to warn you beforehand, these commercials are not for those with weak hearts or stomachs. They were shown on TV, so think about if you were just watching HGTV and suddenly someone got impaled onscreen.)

The most well-known of them is probably the 'Top Chef' one. A young woman working in a restaurant is talking to the camera about how great her life is, and how she's going to get married, but then she says to the audience that she's going to die in an accident. The fact she knows somehow is freaky enough, but, as these commercials are most famous for, the accident is actually SHOWN ON SCREEN. She slips on grease and deep-fries her face, and we see a full shot of it. These commercials were definitely subject to controversy, because they were shown during the day time. I wonder how many culinary students quit and ran like hell after this one aired? I would have.

The other commercials in the series, with the exception of the one with the construction worker and the explosion (you had to be there), actually had the people who died in the accidents get up after they die and explain how the accident could have been prevented. This is creepy, but for some reason the ones where the people talk about it before it happens just get you right in the chest. It's like Final Destination, work edition.

Of course, anything of this sort is bound to be parodied to death on the internet. There are quite a few parodies of both the commercial series and specific commercials in the series (usually the aforementioned chef one) on Youtube.

So, therefore, I leave you with something to ease the trauma. Chef Deep Fries Her Face While Yakkety Sax Plays!

Here lies the Prevent-it chef, remembered for her hilarious memeage.

~ Pirka

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