Monday, December 22, 2008

Miser Brothers Xmas Canadian Premiere can be summed up in a sentence. The sentence is "Since when was Snow Miser gay?!".

In all honesty, it was actually better than I thought it would be, but that isn't saying much considering how low my expectations were.

Best parts:

- The intro. There was something about it, the way they showed the 2D letters...very Rankin/Bass-esque.

- Miser babies!

- Little touches like the Snow Miser turning his cocoa into an ice pop.

- Some of the lines were actually pretty clever...too bad Snow Miser's voice completely wrecked them (if you don't believe me, imagine the 'greenland' line in Snow Miser's real voice and you'll realize it's actually pretty funny).

- Heat Miser sounded pretty great (mostly because it was the same guy). No easy task when given such a cruddy story to do, so bravo!

- The fact that it was the Miser Brothers, period.

Worst parts:

- Snow Miser "coming out of the ice box". I mean, he wore his belt to the side! His laughter sounded like someone doing an impression of the worst gay stereotype they can think of. His laughter's supposed to sound slightly crazy, but not gay...

- Snow Miser's voice in general. Brrr. And not in a good way like Snow Miser says when he's dancing.

- Some of the puppets were actually so bad as to be hilarious. Check out Mrs. Claus' lips and chin, and Mother Nature's nosejob (which gave her an excuse to dye her hair and let her figure go?). Of course, the Misers' designs were hard to get used to as well.

- The head elf was named Bob. Seriously, the best they could think of was Bob? *

And, the absolute worst part of all:

- In the end, the Miser Brothers actually made up with each other, and we never saw them fight again, which suggests they are no longer rivals. WHAT THE BLOODY FRAK.

Also, they stole my character idea. I had a North Wind...and she was a girl...named Kita Kaze. That doesn't really matter to anyone but me, though.
I have started referring to NW's minions as 'Kita' and 'Kaze', just because I can.
By the by, 'kitakaze' is Japanese for northern wind. Kita = Northern, Kaze = Wind. yeah.
Two days till' Xmas! Yayness!
~ Pirka
* Kate...which is short for...Bob...

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